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  1. Tunez

    vVv application [NXG]

    just to keep you up to date 1 week left then new season starts on gamebattles for MW2 & COD4 and My Team Currently ranked 1st On Both Ladders And Hoped To Be Crowned Champions :smiliz14:
  2. Tunez

    Killer Wolf 297

    Good Luck Stay Active :smiliz14:
  3. Tunez

    Relinquish vVv App

    good luck :smiliz14:
  4. Tunez

    vVv Apllication [apeX]

    Good Luck :smiliz14:
  5. Tunez

    vVv application [NXG]

    Thanks Hope You Guys Like Montage Not Amazing Quality But Its Alright :smiliz14:
  6. Tunez

    AK47 vs M16 HC SD (Competitive Play)

    M16 is Used More in Competive HC Ak47 is not good for long range as recoil is to high but normall its is good and effective in Radom Gen :smiliz5:
  7. Tunez

    Favorite Pistol? (Before Mod lock )

    Magnum :smiliz14:
  8. Tunez

    vVv application [NXG]

    NextGeN Montage Please Subscribe Thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqTPljeEem8&feature=channel
  9. Tunez

    vVv application [NXG]

    just a little clip of my team on capture the flag MLG Variant hopefully will post a montage of my team in like 2 days http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zlOQVkMtGo&feature=channel
  10. Tunez

    vVv application [NXG]

    yh i know mate but my team is not guarantee to represent vVv yet so if we get accepted then we will leave NXG
  11. Tunez

    Team Abstract MW2 app

    Good Luck :smiliz14:
  12. Tunez

    vVv application [NXG]

    Yh thanks mate yh im in NXG Org
  13. Tunez

    Best SMG in the game?

    would say ump45 but mp5k is amazing close range and with dual magazine is sick with it but say ump45 is better