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  1. mDaWg

    Should we move to Discord as a community

    Wow been a long time since I posted here... I saw LordJerith's post in my email for some reason and decided to comment. I can tell you I know some of the team members involved in Discord and personally I wouldn't trust them. They're the same guys who were involved in OpenFeint, which ultimately failed but left the owners who sold it off with lots of $$$. They collected data and sold it without telling anybody, though this time around I think they straight up say they are selling Discord data in the ToS. At this point I'm pretty sure that's their only source of revenue... otherwise I'd expect them to go under at some point in the not so distant future. We've moved our community over at https://battlelog.co over it to regardless, as there really isn't much I'm worried about them selling off. We keep our private development chats on Slack but let the community flood the discord with lots of BS that I can no longer even keep up with. People do seem to like it and overall we've seen a huge increase in activity since moving, so if you're looking to get people involved and talking it might be the way to go... purely for the reason that most people who play games already have it installed. Just my 2 cents.
  2. mDaWg

    Anyone currently playing?

    SUP!? You still playing? Is anyone still playing? I'm addicted to this game and can't stop lol. Been playing since launch and ready for 2.2 with my multi i90 classes xD
  3. yo bro good job beating that kids score also have you seen the new linkin park dlc if so have you notice that i look like the note highway slows down

  4. mDaWg

    Minjachaunurai vVv application

    It doesn't need to be taken out, it needs to be highly regulated. We can only deploy as much euphoria to boost our score as we earn and it is very limited, so why the hell can we rewind every 15 seconds?...
  5. mDaWg

    Minjachaunurai vVv application

    After I finish my current project (ripping most if not all of the soundtrack, properly.)
  6. mDaWg

    Minjachaunurai vVv application

    Going for top scores is overrated IMO. I'm starting to get tired of doing even my sightreads with rewinds. It's just far too excessive at this point... There's alot of good players that I know of that aren't on the leaderboards because they just refuse to go through a song playing the same section 3-5 times in a row repeatedly. My policy in DJ Hero 1 was to have 1st on all the DLC, and I kept it that way for awhile... but this time around I just can't motivate myself to do it. It's more annoying than it is fun. I still have a hard time not seeing my name in 1st, but after making it halfway through a song on even my first run and making a stupid mistake, I realize how not fun it is. Hopefully they fix this in DJ Hero 3, because there really are some players in the top 10-20 who really just completely suck. In any case, good job on some of your top scores. If I ever get bored I might take some of them, but only because I really like those songs. The rest of them you can keep, as my OCD is not nearly bad enough to listen to a bad song repeatedly (Remember, I have to do this on all 3 systems ). The only score i advise you not to attempt to beat (and plan on keeping) is my Galvanize score. I will defend that leaderboard with my life if I have to. It's probably the only song I am willing to play repeatedly UNTIL I have 1st again. At this point nobody has been able to completely destroy it, but I openly welcome the challenge. Just don't get mad at me if I take it back in one attempt after you or whoever spent hours trying to take it (lol kr1st0ph on PS3).
  7. Just posting this on all vVv's rhythm gaming members and applicants to make sure you all see it.

  8. mDaWg

    nytelyte's application (Rhythm - DJ Hero)

    glad to see you got in! welcome to the club
  9. mDaWg

    PHoBiiCx's App. (DJ Hero)

    It's something that's going to require a written guide whenever I get the time, unless you're good with taking electronics apart. There's lots of screws and wires that can get pinched or cut if you don't do it the right way. Really all you have to do is take the controller apart and clean off the buttons with some soap and water. Sometimes the little rubber button springs can get damaged, but those are insanely cheap to replace.
  10. mDaWg

    PHoBiiCx's App. (DJ Hero)

    Sticky buttons are actually a really simple 30 minute fix that doesn't cost a dime.
  11. mDaWg

    nytelyte's application (Rhythm - DJ Hero)

    Glad I could help clear this horrible misunderstanding up! Good luck nytelyte. Thanks Jerry
  12. mDaWg

    PC Gaming versus Console: Which is better?

    I prefer PC because I'm a graphics nut. Not matter what anybody tells you, with high end equipment computer graphics cannot be beat by console. Same goes for 3D gaming (Which I know some vVv members experienced on the PS3 at various events). I personally own the nVidia 3D vision kit and think it's amazing. Even though the PS3 supports 3D (360 does not currently offer 3D, yet), the PC does a better job of renderings the images and displaying properly for 3D viewing.
  13. mDaWg

    nytelyte's application (Rhythm - DJ Hero)

    definitely vVv material. nytelyte is just as good at DJ hero as some of our vVv members.
  14. Derp FFXIV DERP!!!!! WETS PWAY!!!!!!

  15. rockit FC video is almost finished -_- i'm hoping to have it up by tomorrow

    1. Vero email

      Vero email

      You still editing the video to make it look like someone good is playing? :)