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  1. Sending in to join on steam, account = Spectre_iii
  2. Phantom

    Count to 10,000

    2148! my new favorite number
  3. Makes me upset that i have no way to make it to those events, ah well maybe next year xD
  4. Guides like this help me out big time, im passing this down to my team. Thanks
  5. Very informative, wish everyone had a chance to read this
  6. Im still looking forward to this, im a clan leader myself and this would surely help my team become better.
  7. Home from school never felt so good

  8. I think the overall atmosphere is terrible as well, teams are discouraged by E-LEGENDS all the time. They break down their community instead of supporting it
  9. Excellent point on the tourneys, i think it would get way more people to start playing again
  10. There are many things wrong with GB. They make a killing off MLG credits and there store, why not put some of that towards hiring some people who have more to do than give their best friends a free win. The site is rather buggy at times as well, i mean nothings perfect but you can come pretty close The ladders are always controlled by [one] pompous team/player who plays kids with 4-8 records all day, perhaps an ELO rating is in order somewhere down the line The main thing i think that will help the site is NOT the admins, its the people. If everyone contributed to a same cause, then the site would be GREAT
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