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  1. extremeseay


    idk if anyone is as pumped as me about the new game brink that is coming out spring 2011. ever since they pushed the release date back at E3 i have been waiting for this game its already preordered. is anyone else gonna buy this EPIC game??
  2. looking for a cod 4 team

  3. extremeseay

    CoD4 Or WaW?

    COD 4 100%
  4. extremeseay

    Which game takes more skill?

    Even though i dont play it much i know gears of war definatly takes most skill..mw2 takes no skill
  5. extremeseay

    Forza 3 Drifting

    plz subscribe to my channel would help alot with making more videos
  6. extremeseay

    help me out

    hey VVV my friend just dropped his 2nd mixtape i want yall to go cheak it out and leave comments if u liked it or didnt plz and subscribe and ill start making montages! http://www.youtube.com/user/extremeseay or http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=extremeseay&aq=f
  7. extremeseay

    Best kill in game

    triple headshot highrise barret 50.cal spawn snipe s&d
  8. extremeseay

    Opinions on Black Ops

    this game will be beast with create a class 2.0 and new weapons and more perks
  9. extremeseay

    Most useful perk (original or pro)

    1st perk-sleight of hand pro 2nd perk-stopping power / cold blooded pro\ 3rd perk-ninja pro
  10. extremeseay

    CoD: Black Ops - lots of details!

    i hope this game will be good
  11. extremeseay

    Crackdown 2

    i loved the first crackdown cant wait on the new one to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. extremeseay

    Best SMG in the game?