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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
  • Birthday 03/21/1989

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    Chattanooga, TN.
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    Football is the best sport known to any human with a brain,
    Colts Rock!
    Tennessee(college) well....not so much except for the "WOOPIN" they put on those lil pups.

    I ride Fourwheeler's,
    Love going MUDDING! its the best.
    I ONLY play Paintball when it is Freezing outside and it must be 2am in the morning.
    I played Softball for about 13yrs started having some medical problems had to quit.
    But I am picking that up again in college.

    I only play Basketball and Football with my Bro's and Cuzin's.
    I LOVE Art,
    Drawings, Paintings, Scupltures, etc...

    I am a Pianist I do not like to be called one because PIANIST just seems like a person that is a PERFECTIONIST wich I am not.
    So I've just played the Piano for 16yrs of my life.
    Ludwig Van Beethoven & Bach are my FAVORITE!
    I also play the Guitar,
    been playing that for about 3-4yrs now.

    My Car is my baby always has been and always will be,
  1. Youuuu sooooo UGLY!!!!1....

  2. Lol Panda is mine so no worry's zepp.
  3. haha i left work and came home i had to turn of my comp so it wouldnt overheat in the bag ya know lolzZ
  4. O SNAP!! do you relize how excited and nervous I am lolzZ.
  5. Haha sin pro NOOOOOEEEEZZZZZ!!!!! jk <3
  6. OOO Flippn SNAP!!! Congrats I fn LOVE YOU LADIES!!!!! vVv Vanity FTW!<3
  7. Thanks Guys! Merry Christmas!<3
  8. Yay welcome to the forums babygurl!!!
  9. idk if I would go that far now zeppy. lmao. Thanks for the feedback evry1 <33! And Merry Christmas! if im not back on the forums before then but I will c u peeps online.
  10. O it doesnt matter to me I just enjoy playing with fellow female gamers tis a blast!!! I dont care if your good or not we always have fun.
  11. Caution = Beast Sniper and everything else lol <33
  12. Lol thanks guyzZ!
  13. GL!! I dont play Halo but your more than welcome to join me on GoW when you get it. It will be a blast. <3
  14. Yayy! thank you Hurricane<33 and no worry's zepp ill still put skippy in your lunch = )