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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Rob Clark
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    GoW 1 & 2. UFC. Sports games
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    Open for to much
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    300. and others.
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    Don't do bands really... Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin
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    Playing some GoW2. Hanging with the family. Sleeping...hmmm sleeping.
  1. headache

    Dreskii app

    Good Luck man. Stay active.
  2. headache

    E m o t i u n z app

    Good Luck man. Stay active.
  3. Thanks Rapture. I will hit you up with a FR on Live.
  4. To answer your question, some of the staff in this community are suspect, they may do the job but the level of maturity that a staff position needs some do not have. Some abuse their powers, but thats just what I have noticed, I'm not mentioning names but yeah their are a few.
  5. Playing some GoW2: GT: Baby Headache, hit me up

  6. Playing some GoW2: GT: Baby Headache, hit me up

  7. I like to talk trash. Calm down. I'm kidding, I enjoy debating things, challenging different topics or things period.
  8. headache

    Count to 10,000

    ........2100......... I just wanted to start up the new hundreds. I'm a losaaaa GT: Baby Headache, inv me for scrims
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