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    Konrade Carson
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    Twin Cities
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    vVv TopGun
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    CoD4 and MW2 and now BFBC2
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    Empire Strikes Back, Top Gun, Terminator Salvation, Aliens, AVP 1+2
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    Gaming, Level Design, MLG, Working on Cars, and Partying with friends.

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  1. Officer N

    Reducey Re-App

    GL on your app man
  2. Officer N

    Most useful perk (original or pro)

    Scavenger Pro
  3. Officer N

    Whats happening guys

  4. Officer N

    Opinions on Black Ops

    well Black Ops is prolly hoping to take the MLG spotlight with the dedicated servers option
  5. Officer N

    Red Dead Redemption

    not bad, solid gameplay
  6. Officer N

    Count to 10,000

  7. Officer N

    Season One: Week One Matches

    Good Luck to all teams, Looks like its gunna be a great league
  8. Officer N

    Behind the Player: Interview with vVv JeaNtek

    congrats and goodluck
  9. NiteMaaRez is banned...

  10. Officer N

    Congratulations to the March SteelSeries Winner!

    Congrats man, u lucky punk. lol
  11. Como estas compadre, get the hell on xbox. comprende? Lol ^_^

  12. Officer N

    Gears of War 3 Trailer

    sounds pretty sick, hopefully a Gears game i can actually get into besides campaign.
  13. Officer N

    GRAW Future Soldier

    im grabbing that game also on its release night. cant wait for GRFS
  14. Officer N

    vVv Gaming Picks Up New Tekken Player!

    Congrats and Welcome to the community