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  1. Zombeast

    Stitches app <3

    Good luck nerd <3
  2. Where'd everybody go?

  3. Zombeast

    Zombeast's over due goodbye

    Sorry I didnt make this earlier but I've been in vVv for 2 years and I figured I would give some shout outs to the people I've met through this community before I peace out( I might stop by every now and again.) Whether they are still in vVv or were. Stitches - My best xbox friend, I fucking love you NiteyNite (NTN) - You're my little homie continue getting your cake up Eve - Funny dude, sad to see you dont play competitively anymore Emoo - Haven't played with you in a while but you're a really nice dude and understood my humor Casperz - One of my first teammates and long time friend. JayC - Always bust my balls but I like you Paradise - Had the pleasure of meeting you in person at Dev, really nice guy and vVv is lucky to have you. Jerry - His rants are amazing and you have helped e-sports grow in so many ways. Incredibly knowledgeable and know how to lead a community. Monk - Super nice guy and grateful he filled in for my former team at Dev. looking forward to meeting you again. Sun Down - Great guy and wish you the best Sorry if I forgot anyone and good luck to the gears division!
  4. and TDM Hotel just turns into whoever camps and holds the inside the best wins. #NotSpectatorFriendly

  5. Solid scrims today gg's to Ret, so much potential. #TNO still looking for 1! @MattDeRamo is a great fill in!

  6. First time completely shutting a team out in a KoTH scrim #TNO

  7. Can anyone confirm that female characters are banned by @Hypefestation ?

  8. #eSports is trending! Gears of war 3 is where it's at!
  9. Twitter keeps changing my username back by itself and I can't figure out why

  10. Just so you all know I'm no longer apart of @vVv_Gaming still a great organization and you guys should visit the site!

  11. My connection always randomly craps out on me

  12. Haters aren't familiar to me but I'm slowly embracing it, it doesnt come natural bare with me it could take a bit.

  13. Listening to @Fs_XternaL yank his meat while in party chat <