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MeanMachine AGz

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  • Birthday 04/03/1987

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    Aurangzeb Alam Durrani
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    Karachi, Pakistan
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    Mostly FPS & few sports.
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    Chinese, Italian, Fast food, Bar BQ
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    Action, Comedy, Horror
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    Rock / Hip Hop / Punk / Dance
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    Gaming, Sports, Music, Reading, Writing, Finance, Management.
  1. Hi there! Remember me? :D

  2. Glad to be back. It's been a long time. Missed some great friends and the community. =)

  3. MeanMachine AGz

    I've been playing

    I'm also anxiously waiting for invite. When the hell is Public BETA going to be available.
  4. MeanMachine AGz

    Overwatch: My First Impressions

    Great piece Jerry! Glad to know the insights in such detail. Keep it up! =)
  5. pretty good, yourself?

  6. Sorry vVv Gaming just got hooked as a Trainee Research Analyst for a Financial firm .. Damn busy making a mark =/

  7. Sorry vVv Gaming just got hooked as a Trainee Research Analyst for a Financial firm .. Damn busy making a mark =/

  8. MeanMachine AGz

    LordJerith's 10 Commandments

    These are really very informative reads but until & unless I don't get my hands on GoW .. I'm not gonna get it
  9. MeanMachine AGz

    Five Pillars of vVv Gaming

    This is a great model .. you can slightly modify them & can apply in most of the places :turned:
  10. MeanMachine AGz

    Mean Machines FIFA & WC3 Application

    Exactly Eve thats what I was also thinking today .. I have talked to Jerry about this whole thing .. And I think we better finalize this before its too late. Thanks for the concern
  11. MeanMachine AGz

    Mean Machines FIFA & WC3 Application

    Dude life has been hell for last ten days .. Got exams, job hunt, family stuff .. It seems like God is gonna give me all the headaches simultaneously .. Damn when it rains, it really pours
  12. MeanMachine AGz

    MLG Announces Combine Details!

    Thats a great a opportunity for the gamers over there .. I would say that every amateur gamer should avail it .. Best of luck to all vVv members participating
  13. MeanMachine AGz

    vVv Violent by Design Wins Digital 2v2 Famas Championships!

    Well done fellows .. Keep it up!
  14. MeanMachine AGz

    vVv Welcomes the Return of vVv Vision!

    Welcome back guys & Best of luck