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  1. I saw amazing stuff from you guys and great interview. gl to you guys in the future.
  2. Trivial

    Trivial vVv App

    Any mw2 people are free to add me for any scrims or anything. Practicing hard every day.
  3. Trivial

    Trivial vVv App

    thanks eve I will and good luck in halo3 and last saga.
  4. Trivial

    Trivial vVv App

    Thank you so much tilter and your a knowledgeable guy your self. Definitely one of the best people ive ever ran into in a competitive sense. You would be a great for vVv imo.
  5. Competitive MW2!!! Lets Gooooooo

  6. Competitive MW2!!! Lets Gooooooo

  7. Trivial

    ChoKe/Mo App

    welcome to vVv! and good luck.
  8. Trivial

    Trivial vVv App

    Thanks man, welcome to vVv as well. Well sure ill add you for some Mw2 scrims since I play it competitive now.
  9. Trivial

    Trivial vVv App

    thanks jay! <3
  10. Trivial

    Trivial vVv App

    Thanks so much maze. its always really fun being around you at any time as well. <3
  11. Trivial

    Fatal Images

    welcome to vVv! talking to him today and pretty chill dude. good luck.
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