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  1. D4I2K KNi6HT

    Sign Up Thread

    this would happen, I just had shoulder surgery and now the chance to show somthin comes along. o well im goin to try.
  2. D4I2K KNi6HT

    Dark Knights new app

    Hi, I saw thatyou resnded to my app. DJH is going grea!! I enjoy that game sooo much. The only problem that i have is GameBattles took it off. I have no idea why? The sucks for me because I cant show vVv how good I am. Yall already picked Vash. He was number 1 and I was number 2. My only loses were too some kid on med and niether one of us missed a note but everytime he would have the higher score. = / o well that was in the past. I really would love to play for vVv. I have what it takes I just dont know how to prove it any more? any help how? Anyways thank you for taking the time reading this. Feel free to message me back anytime. Have a good day
  3. D4I2K KNi6HT

    Community Spotlight: vVv MrsViolence

    awesome interview! You are somethin else lol
  4. D4I2K KNi6HT

    Dark Knights new app

    copy and paste this into ur app as a response to my question so that the entire community can see the update "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" vVv ReJ Assistant Application Manager rej@vvv-gaming.com Aim: vVvReJ Report Reply Page 1 of 1 Compose New Add Reply Delete Fast ReplyEmoticons Other stylesPost Snap BackTopic LinkPost LinkSpoilerAcronymExtract Blog EntryBlog LinkBlog Entry LinkHorizontal RuleCodePHP CodeHTML CodeSQL CodeXML CodeMemberGamer TagOptional FontsArialArial BlackArial NarrowBook AntiquaCentury GothicComic Sans MSCourier NewFranklin Gothic MediumGaramondGeorgiaImpactLucida ConsoleLucida Sans UnicodeMicrosoft Sans SerifPalatino LinotypeTahomaTimes New RomanTrebuchet MSVerdana Sizes1234567 Text color
  5. D4I2K KNi6HT

    vVv Gaming Announces New EU Manager!

    good job man.!!!
  6. D4I2K KNi6HT

    Need any help in Dj Hero?

    Hey Vash, I just uploaded that vid, I twist with my hand on the effects also. I cant do it with just my finger. lol we should play agin soon
  7. D4I2K KNi6HT

    Count to 10,000

    2065 lol I like my number
  8. hey hey, cant wait to see what u got on DJ HERO lol and happy late b day.

  9. anyone for some dj hero?

  10. anyone for some dj hero?

  11. Oh not much. Classes started again so that kind of sucks. How've you been?

  12. D4I2K KNi6HT

    vVv Announces New Borderlands Team!

    hey congrats guys goodluck in the furture
  13. D4I2K KNi6HT

    The vVv Store!

    i like the hoodies alot
  14. hey Brock,just stopin by to say whats up

  15. D4I2K KNi6HT


    great game!