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    Andy Judd
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    New Jersey
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    vVv DarkArts
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    Geomentry Wars 2, Blur, Grid, Forza 3, GTA IV, CoD4, Crackdown 2 Soon!
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    I Love Food In General
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    Anything that gets my intrest
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    I Like Mostly Everything
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    -Kelsey ♥
    -Human Anatomy
    -Giving Advice
    -The Great Mind
    My Idol's -
    - Stephen Hawking
    - My Father
    - N0M4D
  1. whats the point in the 5 pillars if no one even respects them? lmao fail

  2. Ahh, alright. Well, I won't be on Xbox LIVE for a while, my job is slaving the fuck out of me right now.

  3. Aaron's back! Tell your friend's ! ? ! ? :)

  4. Aaron's back!, back!, back!, back again!, gen! gen!,

  5. sup nigga, how's life

  6. Kid you need to talk to me more, you neva do anymore :(

  7. Rugg, long time no talk buddy

  8. Because you were never on, you were always offline. you didnt talk to me for like 2 or 3 weeks. if you want to re-add me, my tag is zX DarkArts Xz. later jones

  9. ...why'd you remove me on xbl?

  10. DUDEDUDEDUDEDUDE! We need to talk some major Naruto!

  11. Good luck buzz, your a great kid, and a great person. good luck!