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    Forum Athlete
  • Birthday 01/09/1990

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    Preston Keith
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    vVv Pythagoras
  • Favorite Games
    Halo, Guitar Hero, Modern Warfare, Bioshock, Assassins Creed, Left For Dead, Ninja Gaiden, Mass Effect, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Burnout Paradise, Forza Motersport, I could go on forever
  • Favorite Foods
    Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Pretty much anything.
  • Favorite Movies
    Gamer, Planet Earth on Blu Ray, Blade Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Star Wars, Star Trek(2009), Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Boondock Saints, Scarface, Predator, Alien, I could also go for days on movies.
  • Favorite Music
    Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, etc.
  • Interests
    I am a big movie buff and Gamer. I play pretty much any kind of game. I only play on Xbox 360. I played tennis for 6 years, but I can't anymore ( thanks to a shoulder injury). I played Halo professionally for about 3 years and I have won countless tournaments for Guitar Hero. I enjoy to go to parties. My fraternity is also a big thing in my life. I am a Sigma Pi. It is a blast and it is the only thing as important as gaming in my life.
  1. I cannot believe that I FINALLY fixed my laptop. I couldn't log in on my phone. Its great to be back. Pissed that i missed a few tournaments though...

  2. Sorry it is late, but I hope you had a great birthday Jerry! :drink2_mini:
  3. Glad to hear it guys! Keep up the good work.
  4. Officially addicted to MvC3

  5. I was curious about those XBL messages from you Jerry! That is crazy, but I am glad we gained back control of vVv. :drink2_mini:
  6. Awesome News!
  7. Congrats on the position guys!
  8. I got right on it! Now for the rest of the rhythm gamers! We definitely need as much support for this to happen. *Fingers Crossed*
  9. Just applied. Good Luck to everyone!
  10. Looks awesome!
  11. I love the name guys! Congratulations! Hit me up if yall ever want to scrim.
  12. Just posting this on all vVv's rhythm gaming members and applicants to make sure you all see it.

  13. I am ready for some tournaments to come around!

  14. Absolutely amazing guys! Congratulations!