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  1. still no response ehh?
  2. so does tomorrow work for you guys? so we can set up a time
  3. yah good game hope to play you guys in the playoffs and have pablo start
  4. how about Saturday?
  5. ill add ToRoNToZ LeGeND to see when we can set up a date to play
  6. still no response from them
  7. eclipse wins 4-1 video proof if needed
  8. ill add u again potlip
  9. ill hit up insain and pr to set something up
  10. so is this ladder going to continue? i was pretty confident in winning this =) i think Scheduled times would be so much better than goofing off all week waiting for all 8 players to be on at one time which didnt happen till sunday in the week weeks so far
  11. wow u ******* kidding me!
  12. agree 100% with you dude its sooo frustrating trying to get all members on at one time when theres not a set time to be on
  13. Eclipse wins match 4-0 have pics if needed 16-0 round count might i add
  14. how did dp do in cbus