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  1. still no response ehh?
  2. so does tomorrow work for you guys? so we can set up a time
  3. -solid

    Week 4: [H] Eclipse vs. [A] Normality

    yah good game hope to play you guys in the playoffs and have pablo start
  4. how about Saturday?
  5. -solid

    Week 4: [H] Eclipse vs. [A] Normality

    ill add ToRoNToZ LeGeND to see when we can set up a date to play
  6. still no response from them
  7. -solid

    Week 3: [H] Eclipse vs. [A] Raw Talent

    eclipse wins 4-1 video proof if needed
  8. ill add u again potlip
  9. -solid

    Week 3: [H] Eclipse vs. [A] Raw Talent

    ill hit up insain and pr to set something up
  10. so is this ladder going to continue? i was pretty confident in winning this =) i think Scheduled times would be so much better than goofing off all week waiting for all 8 players to be on at one time which didnt happen till sunday in the week weeks so far
  11. wow u ******* kidding me!
  12. -solid

    Season One: Week Two Matches

    agree 100% with you dude its sooo frustrating trying to get all members on at one time when theres not a set time to be on
  13. Eclipse wins match 4-0 have pics if needed 16-0 round count might i add
  14. -solid

    Week 2: [H]Eclipse vs. [A]The Future

    how did dp do in cbus