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  1. It is always good to start off when it is still small. It gives you time to improve before the game gets too big and out there. Instead of trying to start a pro team in League for example. Where there are set teams and they are top teams and have yet to be bottom teams. The reason they are where they are is because they started from the beginning of the game. And they worked their way to the top. So saying Smite is still young it gives teams time to improve.
  2. What is your competitive gaming background? How long have you been playing or competing in this game? I have been playing this game for about a year now but here recently I have started competing in this division. What is the community site for this game? The community site for this game is http://www.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/home. They do weekend tournaments every weekend for the NA and EU division of the game. And the game has progressively gotten bigger. But to me I feel like it could grow and be one of the best competitive games there is to watch. What are the average stream viewers on TwitchTV? The average ranges from a wide margin. When the Smite tournaments are going on you can average between 5,000 to 7,000 viewers at a time. But when it is just pros or regular players streaming the game it can range anywhere between 1,000 to 3,000 viewers at a time. Does this game have developer support with necessary features such as LAN or spectator mode? The games Spectator Mode is quite awesome in my opinion. You can pretty much get any view of the map or player that you would like. There are endless possibilites with their spectator mode. Describe the community for this game in three words. Pretty Freaking Awesome. Does this game have any support from major, local or online tournaments? As of right now the game is strictly online tournaments that are supported through the website. They are held every weekend. Hopefully later on they are going to bring the game to some big name events which would be pretty awesome and probably attract more people to the game. What other teams or organizations support this title? Curse Gaming, SK Gaming, ROOT Gaming, Team Dignitas.
  3. Sensitivity Preference?

    I use 8 all the time and I love it.
  4. Community Member of April

  5. Yup, yup, you know what it is. Lol.

  6. Nice, sounds baller.

  7. Perry, I didn't see you at CGS this year, I am disappointed in you.

  8. Pretty much the same, while wasting my life on some SCII and WoW.

  9. Jammin', hangin' the usual, you?

  10. Can you get it up?

  11. Same, same.

  12. Chillin', you?