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  1. Just posting this on all vVv's rhythm gaming members and applicants to make sure you all see it.

  2. RB2 strat :V
  3. Trying to vote but I'm getting a referrer error. I'll keep trying, though. Also, I think it's hilarious that Rock Band 3 is an option when it fails their own write-in criteria. There's no competitive mode.
  4. So this guy just beat me to the RB3 guitar FGFC. Throwing that out there. Good luck!
  5. Wonderful and things of that nature. Glad to have you!
  6. I would've guessed that Lo was the strongest player in his group, but Acai beat him anyway. This is fantastic news.
  7. Awesome, I love seeing more rhythm gamers join. You're among some of the best, my friend. Welcome!
  8. Oh Smoky, you so crazy. Win please.
  9. Oh yeah hey you qualified too. Thanks, EVERYONE, for your congrats. This was totally unexpected even to me. I thought that if I qualified at all, it would be in one of the later qualifiers when all the good people were out of the brackets, but here I am qualifying in the 5th round. How did that happen? Don't worry guys, Smoky and I will thoroughly kick everyone else's asses. I can't wait.
  10. Just qualified for WCG. What? Yeah.

  11. Just qualified for WCG. What? Yeah.

  12. Congrats to smoky! And everyone look forward to me winning the next one!
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I look forward to staying here.
  14. You play piano, saxophone and bass guitar too?! HOLY CRAP you are my gender-opposite!! Welcome! (:

  15. That's a mighty impressive resume. Good stuff. Welcome.