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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Dezmen Rigsby
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    Jewish Kidd
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    Call of duty series Halo series Fable 1,2 Jazz The Jack Rabbit Doom
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    step brothers
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    All that remains As Blood Runs Black Veil Of Maya.
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    Djing Running Movies. Girls Music and Rhythm and Beats (: i lovvvve Turntables
  1. Jewish Kidd

    Count to 10,000

  2. Jewish Kidd

    Count to 10,000

    2228 Man lol already?
  3. Jewish Kidd

    vVv Skins Available Now!

    ha i like this i might get somethin if i have moneys.
  4. Jewish Kidd

    UnrealCompete, the new GB?

    ill look at this when i get the chance and hopefully this will be better than GB.
  5. Dez :) Hi Lolz whats up?

  6. man i suck with the famas other than that great job
  7. Jewish Kidd

    Final Fantasy 13

    Meh this game looks sexy though
  8. Jewish Kidd

    Left 4 Dead 2 - The Passing NEWS

    only disappointment is u cant play the original char. =[ oh well cant wait till this comes out.
  9. Jewish Kidd

    Official L4D2 Participants

    u can add me Jewish Kidd.
  10. Jewish Kidd

    IGN Bioshock 2 Video Review

    alota people i know cry about this game how it could be better i mean the damn game is amazing in my opinion cant wait till i try out the multiplayer
  11. Jewish Kidd


    i would buyy but id rather rent this is why you peoples should invest in game fly
  12. Jewish Kidd

    Halo Wedding....

    this LOL just made my day
  13. Jewish Kidd

    MLG Combine Nashville Information

    i wanna goooo (: