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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

      TeamSpeak 3 Guide
      Don't have Teamspeak 3?
      Download here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
      (Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, etc)
      Server Info:
      Server address: ts65.gameservers.com:9222
      (You can uses spaces in your name)
      There is no Server Password  
      Need help setting up your microphone and sound settings?
      Tired of hearing that beeping/ding noise, when people post in TS chat?
      Can people not hear you while you have a game open?
      You should now have the basics of TeamSpeak set up. Welcome to the better VoiP program! You don't need to do anything extra so you can now come in and join us for events, find people to play with, or just to socialize.
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  • Full Name Yeni Hotary
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  • Location Fayettville, Nc
  • Alias YeNiBear
  • Xbox Gamertag YeNiBeaR
  • Favorite Games LoL,Gears, Halo, COD♥
  • Favorite Foods Any food >=)
  • Favorite Music I listen to all music
  • Interests -League
    -Being outdoors
    -Eating *Nom Nom Nom*

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  1. I'm back :D

    Thank you Jason! Just look forward. Hope you're doing well
  2. I'm back :D

    @Jiggy yay Lol at first I wasn't a fan but I can't stay away anymore xD Less rage there too. Nothing like league
  3. I'm back :D

    @Natural that sounds great Maybe I'll catch you guys this Wednesday. Thank you Sugar
  4. I'm back :D

    Thanks Adam
  5. I'm back :D

    I don't play ranked anymore, I just play norms with friends. They range from bronze to plat
  6. I'm back :D

    I've been away for a couple weeks xD I was dealing with some personal issues but now I'm back to win some games I'd also like to add that I also okay Heros of the storm as well so add me (I'm fairly new) -Yeni
  7. I'll be back in a week or 2.

  8. It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum.

  9. *Dies* It's too beautiful
  10. What champions are you currently trying to master?

    I have Shyvana,Ashe,and Malphite are all level 4 right now
  11. I really need some pizza..xD

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. YeNiBeaR


      Don't dance on my pizza though xD

    3. vVv Tahvvy

      vVv Tahvvy

      Peanut butter topping?

    4. YeNiBeaR


      That could be possible xD!

  12. vVv Fantasy LCS League

    I'm in
  13. Have you seen my bear Tibbers?

    1. jiggy


      http://i.ytimg.com/vi/5Mq0JZzfcfU/hqdefault.jpg this should be a thing a gummy bear tibber!!
    2. YeNiBeaR


      @Jiggy YESSSSS! I need someone to make me a new sig and I saved that pic to use for it. I love that so much :D