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  1. How longer is this guy gonna be an app for?
  2. Yea I'm actually on a good commited team. Probaly the best I've been on so far. You?
  3. Thanks Jones lol..thanks for the support. Thanks to eveyone else to
  4. I like the place. You must love books lol, I hate them. What state you live in?
  5. Good luck. Mw2 is such a good game. COMMUNICATE!
  6. NeeD a MW2 NJHalo TeaM!

  7. NeeD a MW2 NJHalo TeaM!

  8. I lie the idea but don't you think there is more people needed in the halo 3 community. I mean that's wat I hear I'm not personLly to involved with it so I don't know much. Good luck on that
  9. Wen I used to play halo and play mlg gametype it would piss me off cuz I would join a game with a while bunch of tryhards who think there mlg just cuz there a 47 in mlg like really but it was fun while it lasted
  10. Ty my computer is worse than yours so it should help lol
  11. It's actualyy vVv FaTaLiZe now. Anyways good luck and hope to see you do big things. That's what vVv is about feel me? Lol
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