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  1. TrigZz

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)

    Get Game but theres a lot of thing they need to take out or fix -TrigZz
  2. Well alot of you guys know that Modern Warfare 2 came out....Well Today I'm going to tell you about the Game so Far! I Loved the Game in the Begining the spawns where good, the maps where Balance out and everyine was having a good time. But then I got around to Level 40. The Game changed right after that. The Game Sucked! Why? Well the some of the Secondary Weapon was better than HAlf of the Primary Guns in the Game. For Example, I was going 23-4 and then someone like a good 30 feet away from me truns around and shot me in the head with a shotgun. ????? How the Fuck I thought to myself so then a Spawn...... wat the Spawns on this Game changed the way I thought about this game Forever. So Since I dead I was going 23-5 Right? Well then I got Spawn Killed and then again and then again and a again soon I was 23-10 less than 1 min. and 30 sec. So I Left the Game and ever since I've been Avg. 5 Kills a Game because getting Spawn Killed over and over again is hard to get kills. So Now the Co-op Well I only Played two or threee missions on it cause My Xbox freezes on me Like 5-10 times a day and the Red Rings Like 3-6 times a day...But anyways back to MW2 well it starts at the end of the Last Mission of the Call of Duty: 4....And I rate the Co-op 10/10 but the Xbox Live I ate it 7/10 not the greatest game at all. So thanks for reading this and if you know that What I just wrote is true message me back thanks peace. iTrigZz vX