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    Forum Commando
  • Birthday 02/06/1995

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    Sergio Xavier Reid
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    Bronx / Upstate, New York
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  • Favorite Games
    Gears Of War 2, and MW2 Beginning to play competitively now.
  • Favorite Foods
    Burgers,Fries,Pizza,Chicken,Chinese FOOD, Chinese FOOD, And more Chinese Food!!
  • Favorite Movies
    Anything that's funny "The Hangover"
  • Favorite Music
    Sum 41,A Day To Remember,Billy Talent,Killswitch Engage.
  • Interests
    1. Gaming
    - Gears Of War2
    - L4D2
    - L4D1
    - Halo 3
    - Halo 2

    2. Girls
    - Bri
    - Jessica

    3. Sports
    - Baseball
    - Basketball
    - Football
    - Working Out

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  1. Sectile

    Embrace the Suck

    Exactly I never suck lol kinda sad and I don't get mad over games I just take games like mw2 to gamestop and leave them in the used basket for a refund of 45$ hahaha.