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    Soccer,Track,Cross country,Guitar,Friends<3,Gears of war.
  1. From Reducey, To arkaine
  2. Eve

    jordan says hi
  3. The game seems good overall so far, but still awaiting more info
  4. "So many changes that I wanted made to GoW 3 are already in GoW Judgement. Goodbye stopping power, goodbye active reload buff." a tweet from cRream so far good news but who knows we need more news
  5. https://t.co/nqMz8QI4 so the extended trailer looks really cool and the "classed-based" aspect is only in the game mode Overun
  6. http://www.apforums.net/showthread.php?t=35423&p=2593440#post2593440 class based. thoughts? you think this is a troll?
  7. iloveyou
  8. Welp we know the new game is called Gears of war: Judgement
  9. I hope they actually make the multiplayer good..
  10. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2012/05/31/our-august-cover-story-is-the-next-gears-of-war.aspx thoughts on this? they will preview it at E3. I'm pretty stoked
  11. new info! please sign up and check this out!
  12. both of you do it together then
  13. big jar of
  14. http://retrobattles01.eventbrite.com/ they are doing a gow1 lan, sorry if this isn't part of the topic for gow3, as for gow3 lans who knows