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    Lawabiding Citizen, We were soldiers, Transformers 1 and 2. All the Fast and the furious movies, 300 etc. Basically any blood and guts movie, I like scary movies such as Saw etc, I also am a huge fan of comedies such as The ugly truth, The hangover etc
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  1. I’ve been debating on getting it, if I did get it, will be on Xbox. How is it?
  2. I DL it and get y’all to add me, that will be cool.
  3. Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  4. vVv Exodus


    I 100% agree, that falls on all of us though, I can't recruit everyone. I have two interviews today so that's two more but I need all of YOU to recruit for me!!!!!!
  5. vVv Exodus


    CGN is officially canceled until further notice, nobody seems to care anymore. It was just something I wanted to do to get the community closer. If and when people show interest we will revisit it again. Thank you, vVv Exodus
  6. Let me know when you’re available for an interview.
  7. Let me know when you’re available for an interview.
  8. Great guy and yes, thank you for your service! I’ve got 33 tattoos and I’m 37 I need a few more, lol
  9. Love it and glad you accepted my offer. You're going to do great things, excited to see how far it goes.
  10. Welcome my friend! Glad you applied! Was a pleasure speaking with you on Discord.
  11. Application closed per your request, best of luck brother!
  12. We will also clean up forums with old ones that aren’t relevant anymore and add a BR forum as well 🙂
  13. I regret to inform you that this application has been closed due to inactivity. DON'T PANIC! If you feel this has been done in error, or if you just forgot to post in the Away/On Vacation Forum, then please message one of our staff and they can assist you in getting your application re-opened.
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