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    Italian, Mexican, Chinese
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    Lawabiding Citizen, We were soldiers, Transformers 1 and 2. All the Fast and the furious movies, 300 etc. Basically any blood and guts movie, I like scary movies such as Saw etc, I also am a huge fan of comedies such as The ugly truth, The hangover etc
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  1. vVv Exodus

    Friendly Reminder

    It's required to have vVv in your XBL Gamertag, PSN ID, Steam ID etc. It's a privilege to be in vVv Gaming, if you don't want to rep us then I'll remove you from us. Hope I'm being crystal clear. Thank You, vVv Exodus
  2. vVv Exodus

    Eddie's App

    And you're an example of what a vVv member should be.
  3. vVv Exodus

    EastSideSamurai's Application

  4. vVv Exodus


    Really like it, the action is great, really love the flying aspect, so far really good!
  5. vVv Exodus

    My vVv Gaming Plan

    Thank you Rob!
  6. vVv Exodus

    Show us your PC

    Figured would be cool to see everyone's rig they have. Here's mine.
  7. vVv Exodus

    Former vVv Members and where they are now....

    This is an awesome topic, I remember you all. So happy to see old vVv coming back to the site!
  8. vVv Exodus

    Tributes Application

    Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  9. vVv Exodus

    Arkaine's Application

    Not true at all, you're doing fine.
  10. College football Roll Tide for life NFL- Browns fan, yea I know
  11. vVv Exodus

    My vVv Gaming Plan

    Yes sir!
  12. vVv Exodus

    WoWs - Official vVv Gaming clan

    Never heard of it, lol
  13. vVv Exodus

    Numbers Game - Item Stats

    That's code for she loves Apex
  14. vVv Exodus

    Numbers Game - Item Stats

    Love it man, huge help to a lot of people.
  15. vVv Exodus

    My vVv Gaming Plan

    Possibly, def will look into that in the future