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    BF 3, MW 3, AioN, Rift, GoW 3 etc......
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    Italian, Mexican, Chinese
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    Lawabiding Citizen, We were soldiers, Transformers 1 and 2. All the Fast and the furious movies, 300 etc. Basically any blood and guts movie, I like scary movies such as Saw etc, I also am a huge fan of comedies such as The ugly truth, The hangover etc
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  1. vVv Exodus

    Do you have a pet?

    I have a blue pitbull named Allie, she's 5.
  2. vVv Exodus

    What’s up guys?

    I got your message brother! I’m down for tonight. I’ll meesage you when I get on.
  3. vVv Exodus


  4. vVv Exodus

    Looking for people to play with

    Skeens of course I do brother! Buzz, Sic, Konvict I’m down anytime! GT is vVv Exodus if anyone doesn’t know, lol
  5. vVv Exodus

    Looking for people to play with

    LJ !!!!!!!it’s it’s really good, same here with BF5, I have it on PC and Xbox not that impressed to slow paced. Nynjatic!!! Sounds good! I’m on Xbox too, I’ve got BF5 and Blops 4 on it too.
  6. I got a really good PC back in August, looking for people to play with. I am vVv_Exodus on Steam and my battle net ID is Exodus#12513 if anyone wants to play Black Ops 4. Peace
  7. vVv Exodus

    Saying hi. <3

    Nikki <3
  8. vVv Exodus

    Checking In

    To say things have changed would be an understatement. I've been in vVv 10 years to my knowledge one of the last founding members still around. Who's still here? What's the goal for vVv? Who runs it? Is it console? Pc? What? Whoever is running the show PM me, may get back full force here. Sad to see it DEAD AF. What the hell happened?
  9. I love you Michael, I still can't believe you're gone. RIP my friend.

  10. vVv Exodus

    [RL] Supermario55's Application!

    Good luck! Feel free to add me on Steam, vVv_Exodus.
  11. vVv Exodus

    [RL] Infynitas Application ;D

    Good luck! Feel free to add me on Steam, vVv_Exodus.
  12. GoW 1 on X1, man the feels!!!!!

  13. vVv Exodus

    vVv Gaming and eSports in 2015

    Thank you baby Jesus!!!!!!! Thread worked ☺️
  14. vVv Exodus

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck anyone that has a problem with someone voicing their opinion, facts hurt and the fact is this shit needs to change! Fuck all you fuckers!!!