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  1. vVv Perilous

    vVv MMO Reunion - Neverwinter Online 2018

    Signed up. Still got my old character too!
  2. vVv Perilous

    GoW 4

    With Gears of War set to come out for early access this week I am looking to get some new names on my Xbox friends list to play with. If you are planning to play this game leave your gamertag here in this topic.
  3. First I am going to apologize for stealing this thread reply as a way to post my thoughts and as I usually type and speak quickly without a real connection to my thoughts sometimes so bare with me. Also, most likely I am crying typing this thinking about all the good times and how many of you reached out to me on Facebook when my father passed. I never truly had a tough day in my life until August 21st, 2016. But Seriously Thank you all from the bottom of my heart it really brought a warm feeling in a time that I was so cold and lost emotionally. I thought about all the good times I have had. I have been afk for about 4 years (might not be that long but it truly feels like an eternity). Have I missed this place? ABSOLUTELY. But vVv was and always has been about the people I invested in emotionally not just the games. Would I like to be the one who comes back and helps turn things around ? YES YES YES, but I have never been one to truly commit to anything like that so honestly I am not sure if now is the time I change. But I think it all starts with logging in a little more and just start by lurking, posting, and chatting. Next comes the gaming and possibly recruiting. Last comes the gaming. Look to see me around a little bit more as I am surely trying to fill a void of blank space in my heart with something that brings me joy again. -Sorry for the weird reply/text Miss you Blazek. -Ryan
  4. vVv Perilous

    Worlds hype!

    C9 Reverse sweeping all the way to worlds... I wanna go with momentum but it is a long lull from season finals. Smart money is obviously on Korean and Chinese teams but I can see an American team doing some surprising stuff.
  5. vVv Perilous

    vVv Gaming Vision and Direction for 2015-2016

    Very excited to see this happening.
  6. vVv Perilous

    vVv Gaming and eSports in 2015

    It does sound like that, but I am going to look deeper into the community of Halo before I make that step. Mainly because it will be a decision that I will need to put serious time into. So for now, we will wait but yeah you can keep me in mind for being a leader in this division.
  7. vVv Perilous

    vVv Gaming and eSports in 2015

    How much do you think it takes to sponsor a team in Halo and have that team grow within our organization? It could range anywhere from 0-$500 annually. I believe that Halo would be a minimal risk to take, even if it did fail so what we fail with other things all the time. You cannot be successful unless you fail, thus let's take the risk to grow a community that still exists into something we want it to be instead of waiting and watching until it is too late. I hope we can try and work together to achieve something here, I am always looking for a reason to have a bigger role here in this community. Perhaps this is the reason... again?
  8. vVv Perilous

    vVv Gaming and eSports in 2015

    Depends on what you define as successful? They have tournaments that are streamed at fairly big events now without Halo 5 being out...
  9. vVv Perilous

    vVv Gaming and eSports in 2015

    I think it would be smart to get into Halo now before the success of a Halo 5 title. Nothing major but get a team that will work and practice while MCC has some following and tournaments going on. Once Halo 5 is successful it will almost be too late IMO.
  10. vVv Perilous

    vVv Gaming and eSports in 2015

    I will help out where needed if I am wanted
  11. vVv Perilous

    SWTOR Expansion

    Hey everyone, It has been a little while since I have been on the forums but I thought I would come back to see if anyone has any interest in coming to join me in playing SWTOR in the new expansion. Please message me on here if you have any interest. It looks like our guild is still up and running just no one logs on. Let's bring it back! Regards, Perilous
  12. vVv Perilous

    SWTOR Expansion

    I am on server The Bastion and I do not believe it is out yet
  13. vVv Perilous

    Recruitment Push

  14. vVv Perilous

    vVv Gaming Closing Titanfall Division

    wait spike is happy... Gotta fix this... DROPPING TITANFALL IS STUPID BECAUSE GoW
  15. vVv Perilous

    vVv Gaming League of Legends Staff Initiative!

    Anyone up for casting with me? I would love to be the color commentator but also one who knows what is going on. Basically just fun! PM me if interested.
  16. vVv Perilous

    Coaching program: Gauging interest and seeking feedback

    vVvPerilous- Support
  17. vVv Perilous

    When is TitanFall Competitive coming?

    It's not right now. But it can be.
  18. vVv Perilous

    Diablo III Co-op Community Game Nights!

    Can we reset and run through 1 to 60 again at some point?
  19. vVv Perilous

    CS:GO Sponsorship request

    I approve of this!
  20. vVv Perilous

    Why I think Attrition will make an excellent competitive mode

    If you make minions worth less I agree completely. It is a good gametype with potential but I disagree with you in saying the AI do not effect the outcomes of the game. My proposed change would be to make minions spawn at certain points in the game and after a certain amount of time once the initial spawning minions are taken out (like weapon spawns in gears of war). Also, to make the minions worth 0.5 attrition points for specters and 0.25 attrition points for grunts. Any thoughts?
  21. vVv Perilous

    Private lobbies and more dropping today 4/10

    The not so private. Private lobbies. Also no leader lol
  22. vVv Perilous

    Titanfall lowering gaming standards?

    I have high hopes for Titanfall but I have never been a fan of listening to the community to find out what they want. Half of the people who play the game cannot purchase the game without parents permission and or money (Rough rough estimate). I disagree with the whole let's put out a game find out what people want and then we charge them for the fixes they asked for. Why could they not make the game really good and than make changes? I think we need to make Agile game development games cheaper than a game that is developed before released (obviously will never happen). But it is criminal to charge a kid 60 dollars and then 15 dollars for each DLC (obviously less if you buy season pass which is usually 40 dollars) so 100 dollars for a video game which may or may not be fixed to become great over time? Titanfall will either be a sweet dream of a beautiful nightmare in the long run. The developers will make their money regardless of the outcome. Side Note: I believe developers have no real interest in wanting a video game to last because it is all about making money quick and then working on the next game. Creating a new game will make more money than working on and selling DLC for an aging game. Although I hope Titanfall does not do this because it has so much potential.
  23. vVv Perilous

    Soap's vVv Titanfall Application (X1)

    Soap is one of the people I play with. Definitely a good guy still evaluating skill but pretty decent thus far.