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    I'm Asian - Not Really Though
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    GoW, Halo C.E, CoD, CoD2, MoHAA, Halo2, CoD4, Halo3, Halo:Reach, GoW2... anything and everything really
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    Grandmas Boy, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and lots of others
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    RHCP and AAR
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    Playing Tennis, Basketball, and Baseball, Hanging out with good people, Playing video games competitively, and just relaxing watching a funny movie.

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  1. vVv Perilous

    vVv MMO Reunion - Neverwinter Online 2018

    Signed up. Still got my old character too!
  2. vVv Perilous

    GoW 4

    With Gears of War set to come out for early access this week I am looking to get some new names on my Xbox friends list to play with. If you are planning to play this game leave your gamertag here in this topic.
  3. First I am going to apologize for stealing this thread reply as a way to post my thoughts and as I usually type and speak quickly without a real connection to my thoughts sometimes so bare with me. Also, most likely I am crying typing this thinking about all the good times and how many of you reached out to me on Facebook when my father passed. I never truly had a tough day in my life until August 21st, 2016. But Seriously Thank you all from the bottom of my heart it really brought a warm feeling in a time that I was so cold and lost emotionally. I thought about all the good times I have had. I have been afk for about 4 years (might not be that long but it truly feels like an eternity). Have I missed this place? ABSOLUTELY. But vVv was and always has been about the people I invested in emotionally not just the games. Would I like to be the one who comes back and helps turn things around ? YES YES YES, but I have never been one to truly commit to anything like that so honestly I am not sure if now is the time I change. But I think it all starts with logging in a little more and just start by lurking, posting, and chatting. Next comes the gaming and possibly recruiting. Last comes the gaming. Look to see me around a little bit more as I am surely trying to fill a void of blank space in my heart with something that brings me joy again. -Sorry for the weird reply/text Miss you Blazek. -Ryan
  4. one request either make this a league or a tournament. League spanning over a few weeks not during normal inhouse nights and times or a tournament. One weekend set aside to play every match... Please because after this week I am not skipping my after work sports to play in a LoL match.
  5. vVv Perilous

    Setting up a Hauppauge HD PVR to a Monitor

    where is the video?
  6. vVv Perilous


    how much? I think it would be cooler to have the X middle button to be a vVv logo with red rings of lights
  7. vVv Perilous

    CoD WaW 2 I mean Black Ops

    First off let me tell you I was not actually planning on getting this but was convince by some people to join them in their CoD fun! I gave in and pre-ordered the game 8 hours before the release of the game? To my surprise their was actually quite a few copies left. I do have to go ahead and give a shout out to Mrs. Violence for getting me the game at a discount plus delivering it to me at 12:45. That was the best part about buying the game at midnight... I did not have to actually wait in line with the kids who think dropping nukes are amazing. Anyways I got on around 1:30 a.m with vVv NBK, Apollo ze god, and vVv Jayc where we kicked off the game with Nazi Zombies. This gametype is definitely no joke although it has a lot of the same features and play style as the last Nazi Zombies it is still just as fun, although I do see it getting boring after a while. But inside of Nazi Zombies they have added the new weapons obviously but also a new type of zombie that comes at you its a slow crawler, but once it explodes when you kill it toxic gas comes out and destroys everything near the dead body. This will cause players to have to move around rather than sit in their usual corners and camp. After we killed off an hour or 2 of Nazi Zombies we moved on to Campaign and since their is no co-op from what I have seen, we each started campaign individually at the same time. I chose to do the hardest difficulty because that is how I always have done campaigns of games and once I finish with it I am done completely. The others opted to play through it first on a lower difficulty and come back to it on the hardest difficulty. After about 3 hours of intense yelling at the friendly A.I. I completely walked away from my xbox to cool down. I mean if you are going to make the enemy A.I so beast and rarely miss shots and predict when I come out of cover... at the very least have my friendly A.I shoot an enemy right next to them. I swear if this campaign was how real soldiers acted in war I can see why we lost both Vietnam and Korean conflicts. All stupid A.I apart the campaign is absolutely insane and is a must play. It will not only intrigue your mind but get you to think on a whole other level. After cooling off from a frustrating campaign NBK and I dove into some multiplayer where I was sure would be some fun. Well I was pretty much wrong on that one. It seems that the spawns on some of these maps for Black Ops are complete shit with enemies able to spawn directly behind you at any given moment. Some maps are way too big and some are way too small. Noob tubes are still a huge factor. Not only does the MP5 have recoil that a .50 cal would have but it is weak along with the M16 assault rifle. So far this multiplayer is nothing but spray, camp, and tube. The more explosives you shot as fast as you can the more kills you will get. The best weapons in the game so far that I have seen are the Dragunov, FAMAS, and AK74U 2 of which are fully automatic and easy to use, and one of which is semi-automatic and fairly easy to use. Overall I would say this game is not very good or fun to play once again Call Of Duty is for the kids who want to be on top of the leaderboards. Unless pro's can make the game fun to watch their is no way this game will work... It will be campier than Raw Talent on Blood Drive in Gears of War 2. I would say get this game for two reasons: 1) Nazi Zombies 2) Campaign Story Other than that what a let down. [url=http://viralsocialite.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/noobtube.jpg]
  8. vVv Perilous

    MLG Stream weekend

    Being unable to attend MLG Dallas has turned out to be a mix of good and bad. First, let me explain why I did not attend and why I am a little salty at this point. First, the plane tickets about 2 weeks ago were just a little steep and with it being close to the holidays I felt I could save my money. Also, my teacher scheduled an exam on Monday Nov. 8th which is not her fault lol she did not know MLG > Nutrition 301. BUT I got an email Saturday evening stating that the test has been moved to Friday Nov. 12th. I WAS SALTY to say the least, but I did not let it affect what should be a good weekend of watching stream of Halo 3, Reach, and SC2. So Friday my friend Joe came over and we set up our Xbox's and T.V's next to my laptop where I tried to connect to my 52 inch big screen Television. After about 30 minutes I eventually decided that it was not worth the struggle of trying to get it working and ended up watching it on the Laptop screen itself. We watched all of the first round matches for the Halo3 All Star Game and were happy that the East won! We also played a lot of reach while watching the stream. Saturday I woke up at around 9 A.M an hour before the stream started ate breakfast and cleaned my place up a little bit. Once the stream started I was highly disappointed in the quality of the stream... I know that MLG wants to sell more HD upgrades but do they have to make the regular stream almost unwatchable. Honestly I almost stopped watching the stream altogether... But I did not and watched a lot of great matches and clutch plays from the top Halo 3 players, even Walshy impressed me with his snipes on Guardian ball. But in between the matches I felt myself watching more SC2 rather than Halo Reach. I was a little surprised on how awful the matches on the stream were, at least the ones I caught and also how boring it is to watch without commentary, listen in, and just overall game play. I felt that Reach just does not have any excitement factors in the game, this may be due to the quality of players on the stream or just the game itself. Reach was just overall boring Boring BORING to watch and I hope this changes for next season as their is no Halo 3 to watch. SC2 pretty much kept me on the edge of my seat with upsets great matchplay and the announcers really did a great job. Overall I think this was the best event of SC2 yet to watch and really was a little upset that Idra at the last minute decided to show up to Dallas... He must have been destroyed in a Korean tournament or something... LOL But I was extremely happy to see that he was eliminated early in the winners bracket as well as in the losers round 6 I believe. Another thing I saw from the MLG Reach stats was that the vVv teams seemed to do well statistically, even though I heard they both got eliminated kind of early in the tournament. NSAN3Z did well, BUT THE BEST thing from Reach I saw was TLR Cloud... He was the SECOND WORST PLAYER statistically in the tournament with a solid -81 +/- score, to note the only player worst than him was -200 so.... congrats you are not quite complete shit. I wish Brawl had a stream for me to watch but without that I did not follow any matches and do not know anything that has happened in brawl... Unfortunately. I am looking forward to watching TD battle their way out of Losers bracket where they face a tough Status Quo team, but they should handle it and come back to face Instinct in the Losers Finals (Once FB destroys Instinct in Winners Finals) In the continuation series I see TD coming back and winning to get to the Championship Finals. I believe FB will overall be too much for TD in the end and win the final Halo 3 National Championship. I am not going to predict the SC2 winners because I did so on The Losers Bracket. I WILL NOT BE WATCHING CALL OF DUTY!!! I might switch to the Reach stream if they actually get a good team on the stream or some commentators to give it some entertainment value. Overall this weekend was a good one with great Halo 3 game play and GREAT SC2 upsets. I still think that MLG could make the stream better for standard quality watchers especially for Championship Sunday. I promise you it will not affect the sales of HD upgrade due to one reason.... Those people who cannot watch anything not in HD will buy it and those who do not want to spend money to watch a stream will not... NO MATTER HOW SHITTY THE STREAM IS... so give us a break and let us watch with a little better quality. Thanks for reading guys and gals, Ryan "Perilous" McNamara The Losers Bracket Co-Host vVv 4Life
  9. vVv Perilous

    The Female Gamer

    LOL yeah go post it on GB they would eat you alive... Here we are merely saying that why should the Female Gamer be exempt from harassment? I believe that everyone should be harassed at some point in their life... Otherwise they do not see how life really is... Xbox is a place where people speak their mind and become who they truly are on the inside... Mainly because no one can see them and no one can hurt them physically (LOL). So I guess I only have one thing to say and that is Hate on everyone equally or GTFO I also would like to state I DO NOT SHIT TALK unless its in community game night for fun or to help a team learn and be able to handle it
  10. vVv Perilous

    January 2010 Gaming Preview

    good stuff although I am waiting for summer 2010 and 2011 Diablo 3 anyone????
  11. vVv Perilous

    January 2010 Gaming Preview

    good stuff although I am waiting for summer 2010 and 2011 Diablo 3 anyone????
  12. vVv Perilous

    The Lament of the N00b

    so glad this is being written... I hope this opens the eyes of some but I fear that the ones who need to read this article won't or will not care. Which is unfortunate.
  13. vVv Perilous

    Sex, Lies and Videogames

    Darkie this is the reason you should continue to blog, and a good reason why we need to have a discussion next time I am in Chicago. Nice work and KEEP WRITING