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    vVv Exodus

    My vVv Gaming Plan

    I'll keep this brief, my plan for vVv Gaming is as follows, the community needs to be built up again. Yes people are on Discord but we have a website for a reason, I want both being utilized. I want apps flowing in, everyone playing with them, helping them with any questions they may have about vVv Gaming including myself. I want vVv Gaming promoted heavily on social media. I will build a strong staff, will start out small as right now we're building vVv back up again, as we grow I'll asses the needs for a bigger staff then. vVv Gaming has not gone anywhere, always been here but fact is for the past few years this site has been dead. That stops with me, we're not a PC organization, we've always been a multiplatform organization and will remain that way on Xbox, PS4 and PC. I have vVv LordJerith helping me with the home page being cleaned up, as well as running maintenance on the forums. vVv LordJerith and I are focusing on the community right now, I want mature people in this organization, I will not babysit and I will not put up with any BS posts wise or in the SB. You've got a three strike rule, after three strikes you're gone from vVv Gaming, idc if you've been in vVv Gaming ten days or ten years, this goes for apps as well you're not above anyone. I am cleaning the site up daily, once I get a staff assembled that will be much easier, as of right now I am the only one doing it. Competitive gaming, I'd like to look into that in the future, speaking on the Xbox side of things, that will come with time, vVv DeathsGrasp has the PC side of things ie Rocket League as that game is huge on PC. Mine and vVv LordJerith's main focus at this moment and for the foreseeable future is the community. All of us are grown, have jobs and can't devote 24 hours a day to gaming. We all have stressful lives and I want vVv Gaming to be a place where we all can come and have an escape, people to interact with and play with. I look forward to the future, I look forward to watching vVv grow more and more each day and getting back to the glory days of our pure domination in all aspects.
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    vVv Exodus

    State of vVv Gaming

    Hello vVv Gaming! I am Scott aka vVv Exodus, I have been in vVv Gaming since 2007. I am one of the original members of this amazing organization. I am 37 years old and work in the mortgage industry. I wanted to update the community on the state of vVv Gaming, I spoke at length today with vVv LordJerith. Him and I agreed on the direction we want to take vVv Gaming in, all of you will see a lot of changes coming soon. I am going to get this organization back to the way it was when I was first brought into it, a lot of activity on the forums, Discord etc. I will be cleaning up the website, I will also be looking at all current vVv Gaming members to see if they're active or not. A strong community is key, that's the foundation that's always made this place special. Applications are open, same 90 day process is still in place as it's always been. I want people in vVv Gaming that are active and want to be here and contribute, it's a privilege to wear the vVv's, I don't want just anyone wearing them. I will post more later, mainly wanted to introduce myself and give everyone an update. vVv DeathsGrasp is still the President of vVv Gaming, I back him in all matters and that's not up for debate. With him and I righting the ship, we will have vVv Gaming back to the glory days very, very soon. Feel free to contact me anytime, PM me on here, Discord or message me on XBL my GT is vVv Exodus. Thank you, vVv Exodus
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    vVv Gaming is proud to announce vVv Exodus as the new president of the organization! Working with Lordjerith and Deathsgrasp, who will be stepping down from his leadership role to focus on personal life, Exodus has outlined a plan for vVv that focuses on building the community around the modern gaming experience. "All of us are grown, have jobs and can't devote 24 hours a day to gaming. We all have stressful lives and I want vVv Gaming to be a place where we all can come and have an escape, and have people to interact with and play with." As he starts by cleaning up and revitalizing the website and forums, expect to see more activity here and on the vVv Discord server as the organization gains new momentum. A deep thank you to vVv Deathsgrasp for his previous leadership, and welcome to vVv Exodus!
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    vVv LordJerith

    New vVv Logo Design

    I want to start by saying that we will change the logo. I think every logo change has resistance, and I appreciate that we won't make everyone happy. I am happy to those of you leaving constructive feedback, and I like the way it's moving. We'll get the original design files from the company since we have reached our maximum number of revisions, and ask @vVv Pherzghul if he'll make the final edits (maybe with and without the shield). Again, to those of you who said you like the old one, I hear you. Unfortunately, we have decided to change the logo, and your input to make it better is always welcome, but there is no need to ask for the old one anymore. Rock on! More good stuff to follow,
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    vVv Doomhammer

    New vVv Logo Design

    Based on Pherz' design we did another round of work. How does this feel?
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    vVv Gaming is giving away a total of 50 keys to help kick-off season 4 of our Supersonic Series! We will be doing 5 different giveaways of 10 keys - each on a different social platform. The keys we have available are only on PC this time around - we hope to include PS4 in future giveaways. The Twitter, Forum, Discord, and Steam group giveaways are open for the next week - winners will be announced after the Supersonic Draft on Oct. 17th. Winners will have 1 week to message and get with vVv Bagzli to receive their keys. A new winner will be chosen for any keys left unclaimed after that 1 week period. The giveaway on Twitch will be held during the Supersonic Showdown stream on Thursday Oct 13th. Come hang out and watch the tournament with us! Must be active and present in chat for the giveaway! For the giveaways on our Forum and Discord server, we thought this might be a great opportunity for people to share their favorite car design!! To enter, just take a screenshot of your favorite car (either from the garage menu or from a replay) and share them by replying to this forum post and uploading the image to the #giveaway channel on our Discord server. To enter the Twitter giveaway just be a follower, retweet, and like this tweet! To enter the giveaway on our Steam group, be a member and head over to this announcement post to tell us your favorite thing about rocket league in five words or less.
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    vVv Doomhammer

    New vVv Logo Design

    Is it just me, or does F look like a bird of prey swooping down to strike? Let's use that (version F) as the animal Buzz is looking for and combine it with version D. I think visually there's still too much going on with Buzz's shield right now, so something cleaner will look better.
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    We’ve won the league!

    Hey all! I thought I’d share with the community that my Pro clubs team and I have just won the league over on the competitive Pro clubs site VPG! Big congrats on all the lads involved and all the hard work we’ve put in! 🏆🏆🏆
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    Hello everyone, For those of you who do not know me. I was a vVv member from 2012 to 2015, I was a member of the Call of Duty Division, was the Call of Duty Assistant Manager for a point in time, and then left vVv Gaming when the esports efforts were not pushed as much as I would have liked; then I became the Esports Manager for Clan Lucky Strike before it was sold to Operation Supply Drop. After the sell to OSD, I had left CLS to return back to vVv Gaming to become the Business Development Coordinator, before effectively leaving vVv Gaming. I just recently came back to the vVv Forums after seeing a post about vVv looking to make a return in the esports community. After seeing so many familiar faces in the shoutbox and some of them repping the V's once more, I wanted to make a post to see where all the former vVv Members are at today. So with that being said..... Former vVv Members, even the ones who just recently got their V's back.... Where are you at today? Do you still game? What do you do for work? What platform do you mainly play on now? Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? If so, then how? I will start.... Where am I at today? Well I am 24 about to turn 25 in March. Since my time in vVv, I have moved out of my parents house and into an apartment with my SO and 2 of our friends, where I have lived for the past 2 years. I have grown a lot since my time in vVv, and hopefully after talking with some old faces, that they can agree to that. I honestly am unsure what else to put here so this will be the last sentence haha. Do I still Game? Is the sky still blue? If you look at the sun will it make you blind? What type of question is this? Of course I still game. I game as much as I can nowadays which is not as much as I would like to, but that is what having a job and a life gets you. What platform do I mainly play on now? I mainly play on the PS4, but I do have a perfectly capable gaming PC to play on, but I do not have many people to game with on PC that much. Also I am in the market to buy a NZXT build PC but am currently debating on rather I want to drop 2K now... I also have a Switch to play Smash Brothers on.... Fight me. What do I do for work? After many years, I was able to turn my passion of gaming and esports into a career, and I am proud to say that I am the Operations Manager for OpTic Gaming now. Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? If so, then how? Yes and 1000x again YES!! vVv was my starting point in esports. vVv gave me a platform to learn more about the esports industry, and with the help of Jerry, Doom, and Rob, I was able to take what I learned from vVv to propel me forward into other organizations which inevitably helped me land where I am at today, and honestly if it was not for vVv Gaming, I would not be where I am at today and for that I am forever thankful. So thats me!! So who will be next to go? I still #BelievVve there are many old faces lurking the forums...
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    vVv Exodus

    Friendly Reminder

    It's required to have vVv in your XBL Gamertag, PSN ID, Steam ID etc. It's a privilege to be in vVv Gaming, if you don't want to rep us then I'll remove you from us. Hope I'm being crystal clear. Thank You, vVv Exodus
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    The obvious silence and lack of a response tells us all we need to know. It's also very representative of what we could likely expect if you were to ever be vVv staff. Nonetheless, I'm interested to see what he says.
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    Where am I today?: I'm 25, 26 in March. Happily engaged to my girlfriend of almost 3 years. Saving up to hopefully buy our first house by the end of the year. Do I still game?: not nearly as much as I'd like to, I get a few hours in every few days but with work and being an actual adult now I cant sink in the hours I used to What platform do I mainly play on now?: ps4 or PC mainly. My xbox collects dust. What do I do for work?: I'm a fraud analyst for a large UK bank. Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? If so, then how? absolutely. I had many roles in the 2 stints I had in vVv, I was the assistant EU manager on my first stay where I learnt a lot of skills when it comes to dealing with people and leadership. When I came back to vVv a few years later I quickly became the assistant and then the CoD division manager. I took over with the division in a pretty poor state and I'd like to think i turned it i to the most successful period the division had. The skills i learnt then by working with the division and Jerry have been applied in my professional life and got me into the position I'm in now which I'm extremely grateful for.
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    vVv NerdPrblms

    My vVv Gaming Plan

    Toxicity is what brings us bad rep. We all are representing vVv, members AND apps, so we must act accordingly. This is a sanctuary and common gathering place for friends and family FIRST. I’m proud of the hype we have brought as a group and I know with Exodus, we can revive an amazing community!
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    vVv LordJerith

    State of vVv Gaming

    Fully support this! Welcome back and do awesome things!
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    vVv LordJerith

    Five Pillars of vVv Gaming

    Value: Having members that are all adding value is a critical part of having a rich and vibrant community. There are many ways to add value: creating content for our partnered YouTube channel, having a strong social media presence with appropriate vVv Branding on your profile, being social on our forums and helpful to aspiring players and applicants to even just donating. To see the full list of ways to add value click here. If you are unsure of how you can add value, reach out to the community for help. Excellence: There are two ways to demonstrate excellence in vVv Gaming. The first way representing our brand and community professionally at major lan events. The second way is by being a passionate community member that excels at adding value to vVv Gaming. Diversity: vVv Gaming is a diverse community. This is our strength! vVv Gaming has people that come from various backgrounds and we openly embrace differences in race, national origin, age, disability, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs and gender. In order to get the most passionate and talented individuals, we want people to feel that they are part of a welcoming and accepting community. We also welcome people who are passionate about a variety of games, the key feature of vVv is our diverse community! No matter what games you play, we want you to feel welcome as a member of vVv Gaming. Instead of forming rivalries among the different games we play, we should be excited that we have such a varying group of people who can all come together as part of something great. That's what makes vVv Gaming such a fantastic place to be! Chain of Command: If you have a problem with someone, please talk to them directly and IN PRIVATE. Always start with the person that you are having the problem with. DO NOT bring it to the Shoutbox or post about your problem. If you can't resolve it, then bring it to staff. Sponsors: Just as you have to add value to vVv, so does vVv Gaming have to add value to its sponsors. In order for vVv Gaming to support the best gamers and provide our community with events, opportunities and contests, you need to show them that you care. Represent their products, promote them and spread the word by supporting their social media initiatives.
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    vVv Valek


    Name:josh Jeffries Age:28 Location:haymarket VA Steam profile link:NA Battle.Net Tag:NA What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game)Gears of war,, wanting to compete again What are some other games that you currently play?NHL madden fortnite How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom?yes I was referred to this site from vVv savior.. we have been playing together for a while... Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them?vVv savior,, know him for 7 years Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? Wanting to compete at a high level again... What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Bowling and fishing How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? If i get the chance I will represent vVv to the highest level and will help in every aspect to bring vVv back to the top where y’all belong!!! Do you attend LAN Events? use too haven’t been to one in almost a year
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    Selfish. CONGRATS SCOTT!!!!...again
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    vVv Pherzghul

    New vVv Logo Design

    Had some free time and put this together real quick using the same shield design and slight variant design of the "vVv Bird." It's a mix between the round old logo and shield concept. The design has a heavy tactical emblem feel, while keeping the shield as it's main point of focus. It uses the same typeface so the logo is a lot more familiar, just like an old friend you haven't seen in a while that you still recognize :] I'm ok to hand over the illustrator file if you guys want to grab anything from this. This alternate version is my favorite. I just had to.
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    vVv Exodus

    Kano application

    I see you active on here a lot, keep it up love seeing that. Add me on Steam vVv_Exodus
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    vVv NerdPrblms

    I saved a life.

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    Application denied.
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    Jokes on you I never lied and still got trashed.
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    You don't need to tell fibs to kick it here man we're all just gamers here. With that being said, good luck on your community application and stay active!
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    vVv RobZ

    My vVv Gaming Plan

    Sounds like a good plan to me!
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    Love this @Shadow (ex-vVv)! Where am I at today? Its been a long 10 years, and even more growing up in that time frame. I now have 2 kids and I moved to NC. I work with a company who is the orignal creator of geophysical mesauring equipment using nuclear radioactive sources. I am the sole International Sales Advocate. Do I still Game? Absolutely, I cannot imagine a world where I would not continue to do what I love. What platform do I mainly play on now? Mainly, as it as always been, on Xbox. But I do dabble on PC as my secondary. I will soon be getting a Switch so you can find me there co-oping with @vVv Skeensyy What do I do for work? I work with a company who is the orignal creator of geophysical mesauring equipment using nuclear radioactive sources. I am the sole International Sales Advocate. Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? If so, then how? With out a doubt. If it wasn't for vVv I would not have made the friends and connections I did and still have to this day. Main shoutouts are to @vVv Skeensyy and @vVv Exodus whom are a HUGE reason I am here today. On the personal side, @vVv Skeensyyis my best friend and without vVv, I would have never met such an awesome friend who has stuck by my side for the last 10 years.
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    vVv Arkaine

    Arkaine's Application

    Name: "Arkaine" Eric Alexander Pennington Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/vVvArkaine/ Battle.Net Tag: Arkaine#11256 What is the game you are currently most active in and why? I'm currently most active in Escape From Tarkov. I enjoy the realism the game provides and find myself performing well in first person shooters. What are some other games that you currently play? CSGO, Destiny 2, Resident Evil 2, Apex Legends, and the occasional Elder Scrolls V. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I heard about vVv Gaming through word of mouth in Gears of War and was vVv Gaming's Gears of War Division Manager until the division was dropped. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? There are a lot of new faces that I can't wait to meet. So far, I've seen Th0r and Exodus and I hope to see many more familiar faces in the upcoming weeks. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I'm interested in joining vVv Gaming because I want a community that I feel like I belong in and always have people that I can talk to. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I love playing and listening to music. My other interest is in Martial Arts. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? I plan to add value to vVv Gaming by spreading the word that the amazing community that I know and love is coming back via Twitch & other social media platforms. Do you attend LAN Events? Yes. It's been quite some time but I would love to continue to do what I did in the previous years. Thank you for reading my application. I hope to meet all of you very soon.
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    vVv Minotaur

    Movies you're excited for in 2019.

    So, what movie(s) are you most looking forward to this year? Mine has to be Captain Marvel, and Avengers: Endgame.
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    vVv Vulgar

    Nikki (vVv Nyx) Application

    Name: Nikki Stark (formerly vVv Nyx) Age: 34 Location: Daphne, Alabama Steam profile link: N/A Battle.Net Tag: N/A What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) For now, I mostly play Diablo 3. I'm really enjoying the new season, testing out new character builds, and generally love it for some after-work relaxation. What are some other games that you currently play? I also dabble in GW2, Fortnite, and a few games on Switch including Smash Bros. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I was a member of the CoD division, as well as a writer for vVv, a few years ago. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? vVv Exodus is probably the only active member that I regularly interacted with that I see who's still here. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I miss the comradery, the chance to contribute to the growth of vVv, and the overall feel of it being a family. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I'm a married mother of 4. I work full time, and I'm currently studying for my real estate prelicensing exams (state and national). So generally being an adult/wife/mom/student/employee can oftentimes take up a lot of my time, but gaming is still a fixture in my life as it's a great way to feel balanced in my life. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? I see potential in what vVv Gaming could be again and I would like to use what I've learned from old vVv, both successes and mistakes, to build upon that. I've personally excelled in marketing and sales over the past few years, and I feel that my tenacity can be beneficial to the organization. Do you attend LAN Events? I have in the past, with the biggest event being MLG Columbus a few years back when I got the chance to meet and hang out with a bunch of members. We had a fantastic time and I now have the capability and willingness to attend more events.
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    vVv ExiLee

    A little bit about me

    Hello everyone, you guys either remember me from 07-08 on here or if you don’t I can’t wait to play and meet everyone. Aside from that I use to be a old Gears Of War Vet, I always played against and with every vVv member back in Gears 1 era. I recently stumbled across the website these past couple weeks and I was like wow I can’t believe the site is still up an running. So I found out my bud Exodus running the site and now I’m here with everyone. Y’all don’t understand how much Nostalgia this brings to me, I needed to find a home in gaming and I’m happy and proud to say this is my home with everyone here, I can’t wait to make vVv great again in esports, I can’t wait for the future of vVv, I’m excited to see the site grow full of new and old members again. Exodus I truly thank you for bringing me back here. Cant wait to help others, be there for others and lastly support others. Mad love to all, your friend ExiLe!
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    vVv LordJerith

    State of vVv Gaming

    Get your ass in gear in tubby! You've gotten soft in your old age.
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    vVv Stitches

    State of vVv Gaming

    I will only apply again if Jerry will yell at me like the good old days lol I am so happy to see this and I can not wait to speak to so many of you again!
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    Love you Anthony, you're a brother to me. You are vVv and vVv is you. I'm so glad you're back and on the journey with us. vVv forever 💪
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    vVv Buzz

    State of vVv Gaming

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    State of vVv Gaming

    We really out here.
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    vVv Exodus

    State of vVv Gaming

    Anthony you were the 1st one I knew I had to reach out to, always been a brother to me. I had no doubt you would say yes when I asked, you're vVv for life like me and you're a community man too and that's what I am trying to rebuild with good people like you. vVvStrong
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    vVv Nynjatic

    State of vVv Gaming

    I'm in a very similar boat with having a child now and finding time for anything. It's something I thought long and hard about as well. I know that all of us coming together, even if only able to contribute 10 minutes at a time, can really make a difference. This has always been a group that thrived on teamwork, community, and friendship.
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    Have you wondered as of late why people do some of the things they do? Take me for instance, I have a well-paid job for my age and work experience. There is a full career ahead of me. I also have a very specific set of tools within my belt that would allow me to join any community on the internet that I wish and yet I choose to stick with vVv Gaming. Why? The answer to this question is actually rather simple, it is one word that was spoken to me a few days ago by vVv JasonParadise. Roots. He told me, you’ve got to remember your roots. Whether I have realized this just a few days ago or have known it all along, the truth stands. The force that drives me to lead vVv Gaming is that I want to give back the opportunities to those around me that have been given to me. I want the place that has started it all for me be the place that starts it all for you. vVv Gaming has had many talented individuals pass through. If you take our owners, for instance, vVv LordJerith, vVv Doomhammer, and vVv RobZGod, they have started their gaming careers at vVv Gaming. They are now at Wargaming.net, and previously Riot Games. Heck vVv Lord Jerith doesn’t just work there now, he is an executive! To me that is incredible, to me that is inspiring and to be fully honest, I’m a little envious that they were able to do so much with vVv Gaming that it lead their life on a path to what I am considering a paradise. Even more amazing I find is that they still find time in the day to offer me advice and guidance when I need it. We have had individuals start their careers at vVv Gaming and end up at Riot, Ubisoft, Curse, Naughty Dog, and even on the main stage of RLCS! Looking at Liefx and Lawler, I cannot be more proud of these two amazing individuals, who started their casting career with Season 2 of Supersonic Series and are now casting on the biggest stage Rocket League has to offer. It really makes me happy to hear stories like this. I can go on for few pages as to why vVv Gaming is awesome, I can talk about how the leadership opportunities given to me here have helped me reach the potential of what I am capable of. I can tell you about an angry kid who lashed out at his clanmates over stupidest of things because he did not know how to handle pointless drama in an online gaming guild. This angry kid is by no means perfect today, he is a grown man who, like all of us, has a lot of learning and growing up to do. However, thanks to the guidance he has acquired within vVv gaming, he has learned many great qualities that come with being a leader. He also has a message for you all and I would be honored if you would pay close attention to what he has to say: Each person is good at something, in fact, everyone is good at more than just one thing. It sometimes takes the right environment to bring those skills to light. It can take a lot of encouragement, friendship, and hard work to show the world your true potential. I have found mine thanks to the opportunities and support given to me here at vVv Gaming. As such I would like to help you find yours. There are mentors here who will help you learn, who will help you get on the right path. There are also numerous individuals here who just want to be your friends, because after all, what are gaming communities if not a group of friends who share common interests and are there for each other through the good and through the bad. Why should you join vVv Gaming? To better yourself and people around you. To make friends for life and to create an environment that will live on to help future generations find their talents and survive in the cruel world that we know as the Internet. I am vVv Bagzli, a proud member of vVv Gaming, and I urge you to not sell yourself short. To not allow others tell you that you can’t do it. If you have a passion for gaming and if you want to fill your belts with tools that we can offer, then hop in our Discord and chat with us. Tell us that you want to get involved, tell us what you are passionate about and then if you are ready to put in the hard work, we will help you thrive.
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    Hello, Everyone! If you have ever worked with me over the past few years, then you know I love to write overly long posts. In light of that, I'll do my best to keep this as short and concise as I can. A number of months ago, vVv Medusa has taken on the role of President and has done the job to the best of her abilities. Unfortunately, because of her real life commitments, she no longer has the time required to steer the ship vVv Gaming has become. As such, after speaking with Medusa as well as LordJerith, Doomhammer, and RobZGod, it was decided that Medusa will be resigning her position and I will be stepping up to take on the job. A bit about myself I am a Software Engineer. I like to game, but I also like to win. My competitive nature always pushes me towards achieving the best result I can. I am currently playing Rocket League, Overwatch, PUBG, and VR Games. In my spare time, I like to develop websites and hang out with you all. If you ever want to play with me or just have a light conversation and hang out, then come find me on our VOIP program or add me on Steam! Don't be shy, get to know me as I'd like to get to know you! Just be aware that I do like to poke fun and joke around from time to time. Future of vVv Gaming There has been a trend over the last couple of years where vVv Gaming has become like a ship that has sprung a leak and has started to slowly sink. My goal is to change that. I want to make this place into the active community it once was where I could log on, pick a game, and have a full friends list of members and applicants who were always up for a game (or five). I won't promise you teams. I won't promise you events. I won't promise sponsors. What I will promise is to make this place active again to the best of my capabilities. Once it is active, we can talk about other possibilities to venture into. As such, there are going to be few changes coming along which are listed below that I hope you all will support me in. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please seek me out and we will sit down to have a 1-on-1 discussion about anything you would like addressed. Whether you have your V's now, have had them before, are currently trying to get them, or have never had them, it doesn't matter. You are all essential in making this place what it is and hold the potential for what it will become. I will give you my time and undivided attention to discuss your concerns, questions, and ideas. Feel free to send me a private message here on the forums so we can talk. Ideally, I would like to talk to each and every one of you! Please keep in mind that I cannot achieve all the things I want to in a single day. It will take time, but slowly you will see each of the promises on the list below being fulfilled. If they are not, please hold me accountable and remind me that I am not achieving what I have promised. The only reason I would not fulfill an item on this list is because we have changed direction and have decided to do something else that is in the better interest of the community. Furthermore, I will come back to this list and cross out each item after we have accomplished it together. The items are listed randomly, not in order of importance: 10 Things I Promise 1. We are moving to Discord. 2. We are going to improve the application process required to join the community. 3. We will update forum ranks and titles to be more transparent about everyone's roles and responsibilities on Staff. 4. We will update our website and make sure it is up to date with the latest and greatest. 5. Regardless of what you may have heard, there will be Season 4 of Rocket League Supersonic Series. 6. We will have more information on teams/players we are sponsoring. Information about when and where they are playing will be readily available so that we can support them in the way only vVv knows how! Whether it is in person at a LAN event or in Twitch chat for an online tournament, I want to see us supporting and having pride in our teams again. 7. We will support Overwatch, provided we have leaders to run the division. I will personally be involved with Overwatch to keep a close eye to ensure the division has all the tools and support it needs to thrive and become successful. 8. We will revisit all games we are currently supporting and try to make them work or shut down the division. There is no point in having a division that nobody is actively leading. It cannot sustain on its own; it needs a leader. If you are interested in leading a division, talk to me. The only requirements are a passion for the game and time to commit towards the cause. 9. We will re-establish Weekly Staff Meetings and Monthly Town Halls. Even if I am the only person that shows up, we will still hold them to provide an open platform for everyone to directly communicate with each other. 10. There will be an in-person meet up at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas on January 27, 2017. It is an event that is a lot of fun and we have many current and ex-members in attendance. I would love nothing more than to meet each and every one of you in person during the event. Please consider coming if you are able to, it will be lots of fun (pictures from previous events are in our gallery to get an idea of what's in store - Click here for vVv Gallery). Three-day passes are still available, more details at http://south.paxsite.com I will be creating a post with more information about the meetup at a later date. I look forward to working and gaming with you all soon and for many months to come!
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    I'm very proud to announce that on May 28th we'll be doing our very own 8BITSALUTE event with Operation Supply Drop. WHAT'S 8BITSALUTE? 8BitSalute is a veteran support program under Operation Supply Drop. Your support helps OSD to sending Supply Drops (Video-Games Care Packages) overseas to our troops and support the development of local programs via, The Teams, for veterans dealing with PTSD, Homelessness & unemployment. To Date OSD & 8BIT have helped and supported over 50,000 Vets of the US, NATO and ANZAC. How do I get Involved? On May 28th, We'll streaming from vVv Live Channel (HERE) you can simply help us by sharing our stream via Social Media or you can join us by streaming on behalf of vVv Gaming and we'll provide you with all the information needed for the event. If you cannot stream and you want to donate to the cause instead you can donate (HERE). DONATION PAGE http://tiltify.com/events/vvv-supports-vets TWITCH / SOCIAL MEDIA https://twitter.com/8bitsalute https://twitter.com/vVv_Gaming https://twitter.com/OpSupplyDrop https://www.twitch.tv/livevvvgaming/
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    vVv LordJerith

    The Doomhammer Inn in Cyprus

    Our new home in Cyprus is up and running. We still need more furniture but you get the hint :-) Our games are memorialized in our hallway. The Inn will be open for visitors starting in June :-)
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    Mr GreAsY

    Wanting to join

    Well from a talent standpoint I believe I’m there with the best there is. I also love the team aspect gears of war brings to gaming. I think that’s where I excel in any game. Working as the team needs me is my best trait as a gamer.
  42. 2 points

    New vVv Logo Design

    To me, the shield, doesn't envelope the vVv ******. I do like how the v's are included but in a non "in your face" obviousness. I think a little more play off of that would be good. Personally I'm not the most artist when it comes to this kind of thing but just my input.
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    Congrats brother!
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    vVv Exodus

    Beerdo returns.

    I sound like a broken record but he helps me with things you know not of, vVv through and through
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    Would anyone be interested if I were to put each of the gears of war map over views on here and named all of the callouts on each, I know i'm super nerdy but I'm super competitive and I wanna keep posting on the forums and I think this is a good idea but only if you think it'd be helpful, I have over 27 days of multiplayer time on this game so I know my stuff but we can share ideas and come up with overall sets of callouts and if we ever get a team together I can share strats or if you just want those too I can share those as well, I know a lot of you on here are super smart on GoW4 so i'd appreciate anything anyone has to add. Thanks!
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    vVv Minotaur

    Arkaine's Application

    Yes my man! I’m glad you’ve applied. I will be appying soon.
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    Phew damn, there’s no way I can beat that intro... I am so thrilled to be apart of this again with you! As we have always promised: Where you go, I go....and we will effin rock it!
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    I’m here for you brother all the way! Glad an happy to see you’re back in business, I’m always here my bro 🙏🏽
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    vVv SiC

    State of vVv Gaming

    No doubt man. And i truely apprecaite you thinking about me. I was a little hesitant bc of job and daughter but it literally took an hour to let it sink in and I couldn't resist bringing this back into my life and helping where i can to help build up the community and comradery again
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    My wet dream has come true
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