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  2. Can this be sourced or do you only have these text images that could have been made by anybody?
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  4. I've just recently discovered this game on Steam, and I'm so addicted already. It's free to play, with the obvious in-game purchases. I've made a vVv Gaming guild on there also. You can do team battles with a fellow guild member. I would love for some of you to try this out. To join the Guild, simply enter "vVv Gaming" into the guild section on the main menu.
  5. Last week
  6. Well... I too cannot wait for it to drop.
  7. literally cant wait for this drop
  8. Also hearing the title is going to drop the 4, and just be CoD Modern Warfare
  9. You’re very welcome, thanks Jordan!
  10. I have played them all.. but not on my current account. Used my brother's account to play them. So I won't be getting that Golden Deagle :c
  11. I'll continue to load more info as it surfaces in this thread throughout the summer
  12. Never played modern warfare. Not a single one of them. However, happened to reinstall WW2 the other day and realized how much better it is than Black ops for me personally. So would I enjoy MW?
  13. And a big thanks to you brother for letting me be a part of it. I'm still new here, but being part of vVv is amazing, and has given me a drive I havent had in a few years. As well as something to strive for. And were just getting started!
  14. Yep, I've noticed it as well. I'm working with them to get that fixed. Thanks for pointing it out
  15. It's good to see vVv going back to its roots. Thank you all for everything you've done and are doing to revive vVv!
  16. I'm excited to see the results of your efforts leading vVv Gaming. Let me know if there are any other graphics needs, I will try and help as I can.
  17. Let's get itttttttttt!! Make this place what it can be fellas and femallas! Community is and always will be the backbone of vVv.. it's where we started as a group of people who liked playing the same game and wanted to do so in a competitive setting, as well as have people who shared similar interests and that we could and still can confide in when needed. I'm proud to be a part of vVv, I'm humbled that I'm back after so many years away. It's only up from here!!
  18. WTF SCOTT! No shout out to me?!?! Jk I love you all and I can’t wait to grow this family together ❤️
  19. Congrats on all your success brother. Happy to see this place jumpin again.
  20. I second this, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of a 3rd family, you don't get many chances like this, and it's hard to find people with the same common goals and interests as I do, Thank you again.
  21. Glad to be a part of this wonderful organization, wish I could do more around here but great home none the less! Hope to see constant success for everyone around here thanks for giving us the chance to call this home.
  22. We have some truly amazing people in this community. I also want to give a personal thank you, to all those who have contributed to the new vVv era. p.s. beers on me
  23. I just wanted to say thank you, vVv Gaming wouldn't be what it is or where it is if it wasn't for all of you. I may run vVv Gaming but all of you make it what it is, I am grateful for all of you, I want you all to know that. I want to thank vVv LordJerith for making me President of vVv Gaming, for being a close friend and always believing in me. I want to thank vVv DoomHammer for all he has done, working tirelessly on the new site, making sure it flows smoothly as well as the new logo getting finalized. Thank you Jerry and Jordan for the new website, it looks amazing and we all appreciate it. Thank you vVv Buzz and vVv Pherzghul for the tireless work you both did on the new logo, thank you vVv Buzz for all the GFX work you're doing now, updating the homepage with the new logo in certain areas as well as the icons for specific groups on the site. I'd like to thank all of my staff for everything they do, they're a great group of people that will do anything for vVv Gaming and it doesn't go unnoticed. I look forward to the future, the progress we have made since I took the helm is crazy to me, we're only going to move up! Thank you, vVv Exodus
  24. 2 days before my birthday seems good enough for me
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