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    • vVv Bagzli

      We have moved to Discord   08/04/2016

      There has been a strong desire among the community to migrate to Discord for quite some time. As of today, our community will be using Discord and as a result, we will no longer be actively using our TeamSpeak Server.  The TeamSpeak server will temporarily stay active to help inform all of our move to Discord. Within the next couple of months, it will be shut down completely.  For a quick invite to our new Discord server, you can click here.  
      For a full detailed guide visit http://www.vVv-Gaming.com/Discord
    • vVv Bagzli

      vVv Gaming Presents: ADL Season 10!   08/12/2016

      TL;DR: Season 10 of the vVv Gaming LoL ADL begins Friday, August 19th @9pm EST/6pm PST! Discord Info              Just be on Discord at the check in time and have a level 30 with at least 16 champions to participate! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vVv Gaming has had a long history in competitive e-sports; and, while the LCS may be a long way off for the organization, we can still participate in semi-competitive LoL activities as a community. The ADL has, and will continue to be, our main way to achieve this. However, let’s be honest, the ADL has had a rough time over the past few seasons. This comes from both participant enjoyment, as well as coordination and structuring of the event as a whole. While I do not plan on completely fixing the system from the start, I do believe that there are some short (and long) term changes that can make the experience better for everyone: ·         We are keeping participation points for this season, as well as the Elo ranking system used for previous seasons. ·         We will have people recruiting more in the game from the community, and attempt to bring more LoL community members to the discord that we feel would be good for the vVv community. ·         We will be implementing new rules for the drafting phase. Some of these rules will be introduced as the season progresses and are covered below. ·         Unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no information regarding a prize. If a viable prize method/opportunity comes about in the future, current season winners will be rewarded retroactively. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules and Details (Read if new):          Nights will consist of two matches per night. You must be able to attend both games (Don’t be that guy, play it out).          Be on Discord NO LATER than 8:55pm EST/5:55pm PST for Check In. This will be slowly changed to 8:45pm EST as the season progresses. We want the drafting phase this season to be as smooth as possible.  We want to give people time to announce their roles before hand.           Check in will happen in the ADL Check In Discord Channel BEFORE players move to the regular ADL channel, and at 9:00pm EST people will move to channels matching their Dynamic Queue rank. Missing the check-in deadline means that you will not be able to participate that night and will not receive a participation point.          During the Check In, participants will announce their top 3 preferred roles for a staff member to place in a spreadsheet (Discord does not allow for your descriptions to be changed, that I am aware of).          Have a level 30 account, at least 16 champions, and be ready to have some fun!          Additional Questions? Contact vVv Eternal or vVv Yui        The ADL will last for 10 weeks this season, there will then be a three-week break before the next season starts (Currently scheduled for Nov. 11, 2016).        Cheating or Smurfing in the ADL is not permitted. Anyone caught doing either of these this will be suspended from the ADL, no exceptions. Cheating will result in a permanent suspension, smurfing will result in a 5-week suspension.  New Drafting Process: So, in previous seasons of the ADL, the highest ranked players were given the priority in being team captains for any given night. While this was not a bad system, it did leave some players feeling left out over the course of the season. That being said: ·         Highest ranked players will no longer be automatically chosen as the team captain. ·         Team captains will be chosen by the number of participation points that a player has (you earn 1 point for each night you attend, REGARDLESS of whether or not you are picked). ·         No player can be captain more than once every 4 weeks (depending on overall participation). ·         The first weekend will have captains from an arbitrary division and lower. So here is my logic (bear with me). With some outlying cases, most of the team captains would pick from highest available skill in a role down, until all of the top players (and a few peoples friends) were picked. I don’t expect this to change at all; however, this allows for both new and lower skill level players and community members, as well as frequent participants, to always have a shot at playing. They also get the benefit of knowing (eventually) in advance that they will be captains. Additional Information: I would like to try and address the speed of the drafting process. For now, the primary way of doing this will be the check-in time; however, if another feasible method is suggested, any changes will be updated in this section. After the Games: ·         Players will join the winning team's discord channel, and all players will be given feedback if they desire it. ·         Players may also provide criticism and suggestions for the ADL. (We are still seeking to improve the event if the community desires it) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Darn Rules ·         Teams will still be matched by alphabetical order of Discord channel for the time being. ·         The winner of the first match will play the winner of the second (both matches are played out simultaneously), and the same goes for the losing teams. ·         The higher team alphabetically will be chosen to be on the blue side for the first game, and the lower team will get blue side when the second game is played. Leaving/AFK: If someone leaves a game for any reason and does not reconnect, they will be given a 2-night suspension from the ADL. The player may appeal the suspension with an ADL Staff member if there was a legitimate reason for the disconnect. However, all appeals must happen at least 24 hours before the next ADL event. You also may only appeal a disconnect once per season. Pausing: Players may pause the game for UP TO 10 minutes if a player on their team is having connection issues. PLAYERS MUST INFORM AN ADL STAFF MEMBER IF A GAME IS PAUSED. If the reason cannot be resolved in 10 minutes, the team whose player disconnected will concede the match. If the enemy team agrees, they may also use their 10-minute pause to give the other team more time. Teams only get two pauses per game. Replacement Players: Player replacement will be handled the same as in previous seasons. A player may be replaced by another player of the same rank or lower, provided both teams agree to the replacement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So that’s it folks.  Thank you for sticking through the whole announcement, we understand it is somewhat lengthy, however the information had to be provided.  You are now ready for the 10th season of the ADL! If you have any questions feel free to contact vVv Eternal     See you on Friday, August 19th at 8:55pm EST/6:00pm PST!     ADL Staff: vVv Eternal   To join the discussion click here!  
    • vVv Bagzli

      Changes to Community Game Nights   09/13/2016

      Thank you to everyone who participated in week’s survey.  After reviewing responses from the survey sent out to tournament participants the previous week, staff availability, and looking at conflicts with other tournaments, we have decided to make changes to our Wednesday Night Tournaments.  Moving forward, as of Thursday, September 22nd, team tournaments will be hosted on Thursdays as opposed to Wednesdays. We hope with the new schedule, the overall participation will improve, as there will be fewer conflicts between tournaments being hosted.   If you have any further feedback, please leave us a comment in the following thread:  http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/72439-supersonic-series-feedback-thread/
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    • The Samurai seemed very smooth to play but to play vs  was a wild card sometimes. Good Orochi would poop on me with their like neutral stance. Awesome man, glad to hear, I know i will definitely be playing a lot. I will also be putting all news on here so stay tuned!
    • I actually had the opportunity to play in the technical Alpha with a gifted Key from my friend Hidden Cortex, you've probably seen him around. I have to say I did enjoy the shit out of what I played and by far my favorite faction was the Samurai. Both Kensei and Orochi felt really good in my hands and once you could figure out a few of the Combo moves you could really lay the hurt down. It is a game I would consider picking up myself at some point.
    • Announced at E3 2015, For Honor recently held a Closed Alpha which ran from September 15th to the 18th. Having been following the game since the announcement so long ago I was ecstatic to be invited to participate in the closed alpha.   Booting the game for the first time I was greeted with the “Remember, this is an alpha version” message, but then welcomed by a very well done cinematic that introduced the factions in For Honor. Immediately after was a brief crash course for the basic mechanics and how to execute them.   First off, this game is beautiful. For an Alpha this looks much more polished than some of the more recent AAA titles released this year, Ubisoft has really outdone themselves. The alpha playtest has, what I assume are the only game types being prepped for launch, 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4. Both 1v1 and 2v2 playlists are a best of 5 series and 4v4 is a “Domination” esque game mode. 4v4 is surely what will be the competitive game mode for any tournament org/eSports scene.
        This game is hard, period. In no way does Ubisoft hold your hand. Split second decision making can determine whether you live, or die.   The combat is quite fluid, complex, yet beautifully done. A bloodier version of Rock, Paper, Scissors combined with elements or parrying, counters, and dodging. Predicting what direction your opponent will strike from is harder than it seems.  
        Many elements of the combat nod to fighting games like Street Fighter. Combos and punishing your enemy are the primary strategy for many of the playable warriors. Speaking of warriors, there were 6 playable warriors, who had their share of strengths and weaknesses and constantly forced you to think about the fight ahead of you. Click the spoiler below to view pictures of the 6 playable warriors.       The Knight faction was made up of the Warden and the Conqueror. The Warden, or the basic knight, wielded a 2 handed greatsword. Not particularly talented at any one thing, the Warden didn’t fail in any areas either. The main highlights of this warrior were the string of short combos in its arsenal. The Conqueror, who used a shield and flail to wreak havoc, excelled at defensive play. Reacting to whatever their opponent would throw at them, the Conqueror had an answer.   The Viking faction had the strongest showing of warriors, hands down. The Raider was a giant wrecking ball with its 2 handed axe. Grabbing opponents and throwing them off ledges was a common strategy and those who could master a certain unblockable combo would usually win duels. The Berserker was, in my opinion, the most annoying warrior archetype. Stringing long combos together and being quite unpredictable at times led to a lot of deaths on my behalf.   The Samurai faction brought the Kensei and the Orochi to the battlefield. The Kensei and his long sword could combine swings from all directions, which usually meant getting stabbed in the face a few times. The Orochi took the cake as the combo king. Surpassing all other warriors in counters and unpredictability, and in the hands of a master, was very hard to play against.
        Visually, the game was the best Alpha test I have ever been a part of. The game itself was easy to become acquainted with, I figured out the basics of each warrior within 4-5 matches played. However, the combat is so complex that while I was acquainted with the mechanics, winning duels consistently was much harder. The diverse line up of warriors made for an interesting in-game experience, which was only rewarded with combining the strengths of each and using them against our enemies.     Words can not explain the frustration of player to player servers in a competitive game like this, and hopefully, Ubisoft addresses this issue before the final release. Regardless of how complex the hosting system was, I still found myself getting grabbed around corners and experiencing input lag in 1v2 situations. If Ubisoft plans for this game to be as competitive as it should be, this is a must fix issue.     Well, Ubisoft found a way to get my money. The server dilemma is a good reason to hold onto your money, for now. However with a near unanimous cry from the community for dedicated servers, it feels almost inevitable for Ubisoft to introduce dedicated servers. Ubisoft has confirmed that there will be a single-player campaign, and the concept looks promising.  More warriors have been announced but have yet to be revealed. The combination of MOBA and Fighting Game elements open a refreshing take on an amazing era of history. There are areas for improvement, but for an Alpha playtest, it was a damn good one.     Click the Spoiler below to see my grade for the For Honor Closed Alpha.

        What faction will you choose? Leave a comment below with what you would choose.
    • Application closed. Applications are closed for the following reasons: -Requested by applicant -Inactivity -Failed to upload a Pic -Failed to COMPLETELY fill out Forum Personal Profile and "About Me" Page -Applied to another organization -Inappropriate conduct Please contact me or another staff member if you feel this has been done in error. If you do not contact staff within 3 days, this application will be filed away as "Closed/Not Admitted." Thank You.
    • Hello,   I have come upon an article that sheds light on a recent discovery that Yahoo has been hacked.  It appears that Security Experts at Yahoo have been reviewing their security 3 days ago and have found evidence that Yahoo has lost user's data for over 500 million accounts.  This means that usernames, passwords, names, addresses, even banking information have been compromised. I wanted to make sure everyone in our community is aware of this security risks.  After reading this, I strongly suggest that you do the following:   Change your Yahoo Passwords Change any other password that had the same password as Yahoo Change any passwords to any accounts that was linked to your Yahoo account For any e-mail account that has/had same passwords as one of your Yahoo accounts, you need to change passwords for anything associated to that e-mail account. Make sure your passwords are different!  You can use a password program such as this one to store your passwords. Make sure that your passwords are at the bare minimum 8 characters in length, they use a combination of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and special characters!   For more details on the breach, you can read this article    
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