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Starcraft 2 Replays

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  1. SCL Finals G4 NGry vs KiwiKaki

    G4 of the SCL grand finals vVv vs ROOT

    The only game we won sadly



  2. vVvGlon's Replays

    All of these matches are up against:
    -Pro gamers
    -Semi pro gamers
    -People in the Grandmaster League

    I picked out replays using this mentality:
    -I win, I upload it
    -I lose--> If it was more than 10 min long, I upload it (so you don't see me getting 5 gated or whatever shit happens on ladder).



  3. Earlier vVv Glon Reps (before June 1)

    These are my replays from before I got my new computer (so had my shitty old one).

    I used the same way to determine which reps I uploaded as my other replay package.

    If win --> upload it.
    If lose --> more than 10 min long upload it

    All of my replays are against Pro and or semi pro players. Also against a few GM, but I wasn't hitting those a month ago.



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