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IEM Cologne: Day Two Fantasy Advice

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IEM Cologne: Day Two Fantasy Advice

Hope yesterday went well for you guys. Besides C9 losing I thought it was a really good day one.

Here's a look at today's players:



Just a quick note that today's Vulcun contests will run over to tomorrow and include the finals. So make sure you take that into account as you make your lineup. QG looked very sloppy yesterday but eventually pulled off the series win vs DIG, I think there luck runs out today and they'll fall to FNATIC in the semi-finals. On the other side I think we could see a close 2-1 series and I'm leaning towards EVER at the moment. H2k could certainly pull off another series win, but I think it'll be tough for them. I don't know EVER well and I'm not sure anyone does but they won the KESPA cup defeating Korea's best teams in the process so let's give them some credit at least. As for players I'm steering away from QG where I can, using the FNATIC and EVER carries, and I wouldn't have a problem using Jankos, Vander, Ryu, or Odoamne, but I'm staying away from FORG1VEN as he didn't have a huge fantasy impact on day one.


Here are my lineups for today:


Top: Crazyplay (EVER) ($1328)
Jungle: Spirit (FNC) ($1281)
Mid: Febiven (FNC) ($1421)
ADC: Rekkles (FNC) ($1570) - Shotcaller
Sup: VandeR (H2k) ($1023)
Flex One: TcT (QG) ($986)
Flex Two: Key (EVER) ($1063)
Flex Three: Athena (EVER) ($1264)


Top: Gamsu (FNC) ($7300)
Jungle: Spirit (FNC) ($7100)
Mid: Febiven (FNC) ($8100)
ADC: Rekkles (FNC) ($8300)
Sup: Key (EVER) ($6700)
Flex: Athena (EVER) ($8000)
Team: Ever ($3700)


Top: Gamsu (FNC) ($7200)
Jungle: Ares (EVER) ($5500)
Mid: Febiven (FNC) ($7900)
ADC: Rekkles (FNC) ($8400)
Sup: KeY (EVER) ($5300)
Flex One: Athena (EVER) ($6800)
Flex Two: Swift (QG) ($4600)
Team: EVER ($4100)

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