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Allstars 2015: Day Two

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Allstars 2015: Day Two

Welcome back in for Day Two everyone. Yesterday went ok - could've been better but I still cashed in most games I played. Hopefully you did as well! Let's take a look at Day Two.



I like players from the NALCS, EULCS, and LCK in general today. In theory, NALCS has the easiest matchup and the LCK has a tough matchup, but I have faith in the LCK.


Here are my lineups for Day Two:


Top: Marin (LCK) ($1137)
Jungle: Score (LCK) ($1092)
Mid: Faker (LCK) ($1454)
ADC: Doublelift (NALCS) ($1401) - Shotcaller
Sup: Aphromoo (NALCS) ($1010)
Flex One: Huni (EULCS) ($1326)
Flex Two: Bjergsen (NALCS) ($1512)
Flex Three: Karsa (LMS) ($1053)

Marin and Score are criminally underpriced in my opinion. They have a tough matchup against the LCK All Stars, but they're two of the best players, if not the best in their roles and they're must plays at this price. Doublelift and Bjergsen are the carries on the NALCS team and have the easiest matchup of the day in theory, pairing Aphro with Doublelift seems like a good bet as well. To fit all these players I'm using Karsa as a cheap flex option over another support.


Top: Marin (LCK) ($8200)
Jungle: Score (LCK) ($7700)
Mid: Bjergsen (NALCS) ($8300)
ADC: Doublelift (NALCS) ($8200)
Sup: Aphromoo (NALCS) ($6900)
Flex: Meteos (NALCS) ($7100)
Team: EULCS ($3600)

Going all in with the NALCS on Alphadraft today. We use the same three players we did from the Vulcun lineup, but I'm adding Meteos in as my flex. He played quite well yesterday on Zac and I think he'll have another good game today. Using the EULCS as my cheap team as we expect them to win.

Draft Kings:

Top: Marin (LCK) ($6500)
Jungle: Score (LCK) ($5900)
Mid: Faker (LCK) ($7100)
ADC: Doublelift (NALCS) ($8000)
Sup: Aphromoo (NALCS) ($6200)
Flex One: Clearlove (LPL) ($5500)
Flex Two: Meteos (NALCS) ($6200)
Team: EULCS ($4500)

Again I think the LCK players are underpriced so we'll use Marin, Score, and Faker here. I think Clearlove is underpriced pretty badly as well, he's one of the best junglers in the world and $5500 is a price he can surely outperform. We round off the lineup with the pairing of Doublelift and Aphromoo and Meteos in our second flex spot.


Good luck on Day Two!

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