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Allstars 2015: Day One

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Allstars 2015: Day One

Welcome in everyone. With the allstar event about to start it's time to take a look at the fantasy aspects of the tournament for Alphadraft, Vulcun, and Draftkings. Let's dig in for day one.




I'm personally trying to fit Marin, Faker, and Pray in wherever it's possible. The LCK will be heavily favored throughout the tournament, but never more so than on Day One against the Wildcard Region. Expect them to stomp the IWC pretty easily. My favorite underdog of the day is the LMS vs the LPL. The LPL has a strong team, but it wouldn't shock me if the LMS beat them. Not saying that it will happen but I don't mind using a player or two at a good price from the LMS on Day One.

Here's my lineups for day one.

Draft Kings:

Top: Marin (LCK) ($7300)
Jungle: Karsa (LMS) ($5400)
Mid: Faker (LCK) ($8200)
ADC: PraY (LCK) ($8700)
Sup: Aphromoo (NALCS) ($5000)
Flex One: Huni (EULCS) ($6500)
Flex Two: Meteos (NALCS) ($5200)
Team: NALCS (3600)

Remember that I don't pay up for jungle, support, or team usually, so I'm going cheap by using Karsa, Aphromoo, the NALCS, and Meteos in order to fit Marin, Pray, and Faker into this lineup. Karsa played well at Worlds and presents the best upside for his cheap price. 


Top: Huni (EULCS) ($1238)
Jungle: Karsa (LMS) ($1076)
Mid: Faker (LCK) ($1738)
ADC: Pray (LCK) ($1524) - Shotcaller
Sup: kaSing (EULCS) ($1001)
Flex One: Amazing (EULCS) ($1118)
Flex Two: Aphromoo (NALCS) ($1008)
Flex Three: Ziv (LMS) ($1173)

It's pretty hard to fit Faker, Marin, and Pray into a lineup on Vulcun without sacrificing a lot, so I'm just going with Faker and Pray here as I think you can find value closer to Marin in the top lane easier. We all know what Huni brings to the table and if he's on a carry champion he can produce at a close level to Marin certainly.



Top: Marin (LCK) ($8700)
Jungle: Karsa (LMS) ($6600)
Mid: Faker (LCK) ($9100)
ADC: PraY (LCK) ($9000)
Sup: aphromoo (NALCS) ($6500)
Flex: Ziv (LMS) ($6700)
Team: NALCS ($3400)

Again by going cheap at jungle, support, team, and flex you can fit Marin, Faker, and PraY into your lineup. Like I said above I think the LMS is the best underdog of the day and feel comfortable with using Ziv and Karsa. 


Good Luck on Day One!

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