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IEM San Jose: Day Two Fantasy Advice

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IEM San Jose: Day Two Fantasy Advice

Welcome back in. Yesterday didn't go quite as I expected. I got things half right with CLG beating UoL, but TSM's new roster did work against LGD with a nice 2-0. LGD looked bad, they should've probably won game two, but regardless both games put up some decent fantasy numbers for us, even being wrong about LGD. The biggest problem I had was that I used Flame on DraftKings and he only played one game. Going forward, I think it may be wise to stay away from using players who could be subbed out. I think ORG will beat TSM closely while JAG will beat CLG to make an Origen vs. Jin Air Final. I'm going to pick Origen to win the whole thing, but I'm somewhat thinking whoever wins the TSM/OG Match Up will take home the title at IEM San Jose.

Here's a look at today's players:


I'm gonna try to stay away from using any player who may be subbed out on Draft Kings today.

Here's my lineups:


Top: sOAZ (OG) ($1272)
Jungle: Xmithie (CLG) ($1120)
Mid: Bjergsen (TSM) ($1437)
ADC: Niels (OG) ($1427) - Shotcaller
Sup: Mithy (OG) ($976)
Flex One: Doublelift (TSM) ($1594)
Flex Two: Chei (JaG) ($941)
Flex Three: Trace (JaG) ($1233)

I want Niels and Doublelift in every lineup I make today. If today is like yesterday, Doublelift is the main carry of TSM at the moment and even if they lose he will put up big numbers much like he did in CLG. That doesn't mean Bjergsen is a bad option especially when he's cheaper than others. He can still get plenty of kills and assists. I'm going cheap at jungle and support, but pairing Mithy with Niels seems like a good shout. Niels was the standout carry for OG at Worlds.


Top: sOAZ (OG) ($7600)
Jungle: Amazing (OG) ($7400)
Mid: PowerOfEvil (OG) ($8000)
ADC: Niels (OG) ($8400)
Sup: Aphromoo ($7000)
Flex: Doubelift (TSM) ($8200)
Team: TSM ($3400)

Going cheap again at support and team to pay up for a mainly OG lineup. Like I said above I think OG will win this tournament so an OG stack here makes the most sense to me. 


Top: sOAZ (OG) ($6500)
Jungle: Amazing (OG) ($6000)
Mid: Bjergsen (TSM) ($6600)
ADC: Niels (OG) ($7700)
Sup: kaSing (TSM) ($5100)
Flex One: Doublelift (TSM) ($6900)
Flex Two: Kuzan (JaG) ($7100)
Team: CLG ($4000)

Draftkings is only using the semi-finals for their contests so you don't have to worry as much about getting players from the teams expected to make the finals. Doublelift is a much use as he's the cheapest ADC and should out perform his price. I'm using the cheapest team (CLG) and cheapest support (kaSing) to pay up for players like Niels. For some reason TSM is not available to pick in your team spot.


Good luck on day two!

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