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IEM San Jose: Day One Fantasy Advice

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IEM San Jose: Day One Fantasy Advice

Welcome everyone, it's been a month since Worlds and if you're like me you've been itching for some competitive League of Legends to watch again. Luckily this weekend gives us something good to watch with IEM San Jose taking place. The teams involved include CLG, TSM, OG, UoL, JaG, and LGD. There has been a lot of turnover in the last month as far as rosters are concerned, so let's take a look at the rosters for this tournament going into Day One.

UoL - Vizi, Gilius, Fox, Steelback, Hylissang

TSM - Hauntzer, Svenskeren, Bjerg, DLift, kaSing

JaG - SoHwan, Chaser, Kuzan, Pilot, Chei

CLG - Zion, Xmithie, Huhi, Stixxayy, Aphro

ORG - sOAZ, Amazing, Peke/PoE, Niels, Mithy

LGD - Acorn/Flame, TBQ, GodV, Imp, Pyl

I think it's important taking in how much turnover there has been with some of these teams and what effect that might have this weekend. For example, TSM changed four positions this offseason and they haven't had a very long time to mesh together. They play LGD who disappointed at Worlds, but looked better towards the end of the tournament and haven't had the roster turnover TSM had. Although I think TSM roster will be very strong, they may need more time to mesh together before it really shows. My prediction is that LGD will beat TSM and CLG will beat UoL in the Quarterfinals. Even though CLG lost Doublelift and Pobelter they maintained most of their roster and should have experience with Huhi and even Stixxay to some extent. I think TSM got the hardest quarterfinal draw and while the best of three will be close I think LGD will pull it out.

This column gives advice for Vulcun, Draft Kings, and Alpha Draft, Vulcun is the only site that is using all three best of three series for tomorrow. That will be reflected in my lineups.

Here's a look at tomorrow's players:


IEM San Jose is being played on patch 5.21 so expect a lot of focus to go to carry top laners much like at worlds. Flame, Zion, and sOAZ have shown they like to play a carry role while Hauntzer and Vizi have historically played more utility or tank top laners. 

Here are my lineups for Day One across the three sites:


Top: Flame (LGD) ($1291)
Jungle: Xmithie (CLG) ($1162)
Mid: Huhi (CLG) ($1290)
ADC: imp (LGD) ($1551) - Shotcaller
Sup: Mithy (OG) ($1018)
Flex One: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1261)
Flex Two: Hylissang (UoL) ($965)
Flex Three: Niels (OG) ($1447)

I'm using a lot of the maximum of three CLG players including cheap options in Huhi and Xmithie to pay up for two each from LGD and OG. Like I said above I think LGD will beat TSM which gives them two bo3 match ups on Day One on Vulcun. That should make LGD the best bet to end up with the most points as long as they beat TSM, just by simple logic as they'd play a minimum of four games where the max any other team could get on Day One is 3. LGD is expensive though and I can only fit imp and Flame into my lineups. I'm using two carry top laners in Zion and Flame and pairing OG's Mithy with his ADC and main carry Niels. 

Alpha Draft:

Top: Flame (LGD) ($7600)
Jungle: TBQ (LGD) ($7000)
Mid: Huhi (CLG) ($8000)
ADC: imp (LGD) ($8400)
Sup: Aphromoo (CLG) ($7400)
Flex: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($7800)
Team: LGD

The LGD and CLG stack is in full effect here. Like I said I think they will beat TSM, albeit closely and I think CLG will beat UoL. I'm using three players each from these teams and using CLG for my team. 


Top: Flame (LGD) ($6500)
Jungle: Xmithie (CLG) ($6,200)
Mid: Huhi (CLG) ($7,500)
ADC: imp (LGD) ($7,800)
Sup: kaSing (TSM) ($5,100)
Flex One: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($6,600)
Flex Two: TBQ (LGD) ($6,100)
Team: TSM ($3,900)

By not paying up for a team or support (which I preach often as they usually net you the least amount of points), I can afford to spend up for imp, huhi, zion, tbq, flame, and Xmithie. I've strayed from GodV in all my teams mainly because the match up with Bjergsen is a tough one on paper as Bjerg is a strong mid laner and GodV is expensive. Same goes for Bjerg, but I considered him on Draftkings because he's cheap. Remember to make sure that a player like Flame is going to be starting over Acorn as Draftkings is the only site that does not use a teams "role" but instead each individual player. If you use Flame in your lineup but Acorn starts you will get 0 points on Draftkings.


I'll be watching the tournament all weekend and I invite anyone to join me on our teamspeak server to chat about the tournament. Information can be found here on how to join team speak: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/announcement/4-we-moved-from-mumble-to-teamspeak/


Good luck on Day One!


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Recommended Comments

Hey, thanks for this post. How exactly are we going to find out if it's Flame vs. Acorn or TBQ vs. (the other LGD jungler) before lineups lock on DK? Haven't found any roster information online/through different youtube + podcasts from experts. Feel like it's kinda risky to chose an LGD toplaner tbh. Acorn seems to be the normal starter but Flame was performing better of late and started the 2nd week of worlds for LGD...

TBQ seems to be the set jungler but again, we're not 100% sure.

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@James Kang good question, I'm with you it'd be nice if we could find out before rosters lock. If you don't feel comfortable using an LGD player that might not play (I don't blame you) you could always go the safe route and take them out of your lineup. As eSports continue to evolve I think we may start to get more insider type information from places as far as lineups being announced, etc.

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Man, this roster situation is nuts for JAG. Who is the starting lineup they are likely to roll with? They have subs at all positions listed EXCEPT for mid, haha.

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4 hours ago, James Kang said:

Man, this roster situation is nuts for JAG. Who is the starting lineup they are likely to roll with? They have subs at all positions listed EXCEPT for mid, haha.

Pilot=ADC Chei=Sup Chaser=Jung At least that is the starting roster as of now. I can safely say that Pilot should start. I would stay away from the others, just like I stayed away from the LGD top lane yesterday.

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