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Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Nine/Day One



Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Nine/Day One


The best matchup's of the day are C9 vs. TDK, TSM vs. NME, and TL vs. T8.




Must Play: Quas (TL) ($1312) vs. T8: He's the most expensive top laner on a day when it's going to be hard to fit all the top options in, but he probably has the most upside.


Sleeper: Balls (C9) ($1067) vs. TDK: C9 have been playing much better sicne Hai rejoined and I think they will beat TDK. Balls is a nice cheap option with good upside.


Bust: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1198) vs. DIG: I'm avoiding this game entirely as CLG players are expensive and I have no clue how to predict DIG's games.




Must Play: Santorin (TSM) ($1325) vs. NME: Steady jungler in a game TSM should win.


Sleeper: Hai (C9) ($1072) vs. TDK: Hai is dirt cheap in a game I think C9 will win. Even though he hasn't been jungling long it's clear that his shotcalling had been missed.


Bust: Rush (TiP) ($1182) vs. GRV: I think Rush will try too hard to make up for the loss of XiaoWeiXiao and that'll cause some sloppy play. Not worth the risk for his price.




Must Play: Bjergsen (TSM) ($1854) vs. NME: He's really expensive but in this match up he's definitely worth it. Expect a huge game for Bjergerking.


Sleeper: Keane (GRV) ($1246) vs. TiP: I expect GRV to bounce back and win this game and Keane will be laning against Gate who was originally listed as the incoming Support. He's also cheaper than Gate and should provide nice upside.


Bust: Gate (TiP) ($1277) vs. GRV: He's a support main playing in his first game of the LCS and he's also the fourth most expensive mid laner. Stay away.




Must Play: Piglet (TL) ($1563) vs. Team8: Good match up and he's been playing very well. It's really hard to fit him into a lineup with the other expensive must plays unless you punt however.


Sleeper: Sneaky (C9) ($1254) vs. TDK: Another cheap C9 option in a game I expect them to win.


Bust: Doublelift (CLG) ($1610) vs. DIG: He's just too expensive for me to use in such a random game. I never know what is going to happen with DIG.




Must Play: Lustboy (TSM) ($1180) vs. NME: He's expensive but probably will put up the most points of any support this week.


Sleeper: LemonNation (C9) ($980) vs. TDK: Cheaper option in a game C9 should win.


Bust: Aphromoo (CLG) ($1148) vs. DIG: Like his teammates he's too expensive for me to want to use in a game that could go either way.


Here's my lineup for Week Nine Day One in the NALCS:


Top: Quas (TL) ($1312)

Jungle: Santorin (TSM) ($1325)
Mid: Bjergsen (TSM) ($1854)
ADC: Sneaky (C9) ($1254)
Sup: LemonNation (C9) ($980)
Flex One: Dyrus (TSM) ($1195)
Flex Two: Hai (C9) ($1072)
Flex Three: Ninja (TDK) ($996)

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