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Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Nine/Day Two



Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Nine/Day Two




Must Play: sOAZ (OG) ($1224) vs. ROCCAT: I expect Origen to win this game even though ROCCAT gave them a hard time last time. sOAZ has been pretty solid all split and comes at less than a $300 price tag than Huni who is in a little tougher match up anyway.


Sleeper: Werlyb (GIANTS) ($1151) vs. CW: I find it hard to trust GIANTS and CW are on a hot streak but I think GIANTS will ruin CW's dream of staying in the LCS and Werlyb could have a solid game.


Bust: Huni (FNC) ($1584) vs. UoL: He's just so expensive for what could be a very tricky match for FNATIC. He's probably a solid option but I'm not sure I trust him to outperform a sOAZ, Odoamne, or others by such a huge margin that he'd be worth the price.




Must Play: Amazing (OG) ($1245) vs. ROCCAT: Like yesterday I think Amazing is the best play as he's cheaper than Reignover and has a better match up. He's been solid all split and should have another good game.


Sleeper: Dexter (EL) ($1097) vs. SK: Dexter and Froggen have been hard carrying Elements this split and I think they will continue the trend in a win over SK.


Bust: Jankos (ROCCAT) ($1116) vs. OG: I think ROCCAT will struggle in round two against Origen and that'll lead to not many points being scored.




Must Play: Ryu (H2k) ($1229) vs. GMB: Although H2k have been under performing recently, I think they can bounce back with a win over a Gambit squad without Forg1ven. Ryu has been solid all split and is at a nice price point to outperform his cost.


Sleeper: Froggen (EL) ($1232) vs. SK: Like I said about Dexter, it applies to Froggen. He's been hard carrying Elements all split in their wins and I expect them to win today against SK.


Bust: Pepiinero (GIANTS) ($1526) vs. CW: CW have posted back to back wins and are fighting for their lives to avoid relegation and while it's possible this game could go either way I think Peppiinero is just too dangerous. He could go off or could be way too over aggresive and not worth his high price.




Must Play: Niels (OG) ($1532) vs. ROCCAT: I think Origen will beat ROCCAT pretty solidly and Niels will have a big game.


Sleeper: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1255) vs. GMB: He's too good of a player for this cheap of a price and I think he's a must play. GMB is missing their main ADC and Hjarnan and Kasing have been good for most of this split. Look for a big game.


Bust: Rekkles (FNC) ($1706) vs. UoL: Again a tough match up + his high salary + the potential to not have a ton of fantasy points in this game make me think he won't be worth his high price.




Must Play: kaSing (H2k) ($1121) vs. GMB: Facing a team without their main ADC and in a good spot to pick up a win.


Sleeper: Nyph ($993) vs. SK: Cheap option in a game I think SK will win.


Bust: YellowstaR (FNC) ($1462) vs. UoL: Just plain and simple he's way to expensive even for the upside.


Here's my lineup for Week Nine Day Two of the EULCS:


Top: sOAZ (OG) ($1224)

Jungle: Dexter (EL) ($1097)
Mid: Ryu (H2k) ($1229)
ADC: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1255)
Sup: Kasing (H2k) ($1121)
Flex One: Froggen (EL) ($1232)
Flex Two: Niels (OG) ($1532)
Flex Three: Amazing (OG) ($1245)

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