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Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Nine/Day One



Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Nine/Day One


One week remains in the LCS as teams jostle for playoff positions and to avoid relegation. There are some big match ups this week including Elements vs. Gambit and GIANTS vs. UoL. Let's take a look at this weeks picks as we enter the final week of the LCS regular season.




Must Play: Huni (FNC) ($1564) vs. SK: SK have died a ton this split and Huni has the best match up of day one. He's almost $400 more expensive than the next top laner though so it may be difficult to fit him into a lineup. There is some risk involved as well as FNATIC keep winning, but at times play very objective focused which limits their point outputs.


Sleeper: Steve (ROCCAT) ($1175) vs. CW: CW may be fighting for their lives to get out of relegation, but ROCCAT are fighting for a playoff spot and I think that will drive them to win this game. ROCCAT have been getting better, while not dominant, all split. Steve has been a big part of ROCCAT's wins this split and I would expect him to have a good game.


Bust: None. In my opinion all top laners are reasonably priced based on their match ups. sOAZ and Odoamne face each other so they have tough match ups, but are not so far overpriced that they aren't useable. I'd avoid freddy122.




Must Play: Jankos (ROCCAT) ($1356) vs. CW: Jankos has been very good all split for ROCCAT and I'd expect him to have a good game against CW. Like Steve he's been very involved in his teams kills this split.


Sleeper: Amazing (OG) ($1178) vs. H2k: Even though this is a tough match up for OG, Amazing has been steady all split averaging right around 20 points per game. He's relatively cheap as well.


Bust: Diamondprox (GMB) ($1107) vs. EL: This game could go either way, but the thing about Diamondprox is that he just hasn't put up very many fantasy points this split. He's only averaging 13 PPG and I just don't think he's worth using.




Must Play: Nukeduck (ROCCAT) ($1502) vs. CW: Again the match up is in favor of ROCCAT and Nukeduck has been the main carry for ROCCAT all split. The fact that Soren provides almost no kill pressure in lane also builds the case for Nukeduck.


Sleeper: PowerofEvil (UoL) ($1214) vs. GIANTS: I think even though Pepiinero presents a tough match up, UoL will win this game. PowerofEvil has been playing really well the last two weeks scoring over 30+ points a few times.


Bust: Febiven (FNC) ($1651) vs. SK: He's safe and will probably have a fine game, but do to his price tag he's going to need to give you 30-40 points and I'm not sure he'll get there. As I said about Huni, FNC have been winning, but the fantasy points aren't quite there.




Must Play: Niels (OG) ($1322) vs. H2k: It's a tough match up but he's cheaper than MrRallez and I think he's safer. Hjarnan and Kasing are a tough duo, but I think Origen will win this game and Niels will be a big reason why.


Sleeper: Vardags (UoL) ($1122) vs. GIANTS: If you are in on UoL this week then Vardags becomes a cheaper upside option who could have a very good game.


Bust: Rekkles (FNC) ($1715) vs. SK: Like Febiven he's safe and will probably have a nice game. But he's the most expensive player on the day and he's almost $300 more expensive than the next ADC. If you feel comfortable that he'll outscore all other ADCs in a range to justify his price then feel free to spend up for him, otherwise stay away.




Must Play: Mithy (OG) ($1073) vs. H2k: He's a safe option who is pretty cheap. I feel comfortable that he'll score around 20 points which is a good buy for a support at this price.


Sleeper: Hylissang (UoL) ($1035) vs. GIANTS: The cheapest of the supports I expect to win today. He does come with risk as he's had an up and down split but I think UoL will win this game and allow Hylissang to put up a solid point total.


Bust: YellowstaR (FNC) ($1469) vs. SK: Just like his brothers in FNC he's solid but expensive. He only scored 14 points last week, or one point per $100. Just not worth the price.


Here's my lineup for Week Nine Day One in the EULCS:


Top: Steve (ROCCAT) ($1175)

Jungle: Jankos (ROCCAT) ($1356)
Mid: Nukeduck (ROCCAT) ($1502)
ADC: Niels (OG) ($1322)
SUP: Hyllisang (UoL) ($1035)
Flex One: PowerOfEvil (UoL) ($1214)
Flex Two: Amazing (OG) ($1178)
Flex Three: xPeke (OG) ($1204)

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