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Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Eight/Day Two



Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Eight/Day Two


So about that GIANTS feeling yesterday.... Hopefully today goes better that's all there is to say.






Must Play: sOAZ (OG) ($1208) vs. SK: freddy has died a ton this split and this is a game OG should win. sOAZ is also quite cheap today which makes him my favorite play of the day as his upside should out value his price.



Sleeper: Cabochard (GMB) ($1176) vs. UoL: Gambit are starting to come together nicely and Cabochard has been there main carry all split. Throw in the fact that he's cheap and he makes for a nice sleeper play.



Bust: Vizicsacsi (UoL) ($1211) vs. GMB: UoL looked terrible yesterday and may need some time to mesh with new Jungler Gilius.






Must Play: Amazing (OG) ($1115) vs. SK: Again, SK have died a ton this split and Amazing has scored a lot of points with good aggression to be involved in a lot of Origen's kills. Like sOAZ his price is pretty cheap as well making him a great play.



Sleeper: DiamondProx (GMB) ($1049) vs. UoL: Hope for Diamond to play Nidalee again as we saw yesterday in two games that the champion is high in early aggression.



Bust: Gilius ($1075) vs. GMB: Again I'm going to wait and see how the new UoL jungler does this week before using them. They're the fourth most expensive in their role today as well.






Must Play: Ryu (H2k) ($1512) vs. CW: I think H2k have the best match up of the day and even though they've been poor of late they should bounce back with a win against CW. Ryu has the best mid lane match up against Soren who doesn't provide much kill pressure.



Sleeper: NukeDuck (ROCCAT ($1119) vs. GIANTS: Giants looked awful yesterday and ROCCAT have been steadily getting better this split. Nukeduck has quietly been a pretty solid performer all split and he's dirt cheap today.



Bust: PowerofEvil (UoL) ($1518) vs. GMB: I think its possible he has the best game of any UoL player against Betsy, but UoL were awful yesterday and with his price being over 1.5k I'm looking elsewhere.






Must Play: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1448) vs. CW: Best match up of the day and one of the top ADC's this split. Should be a big game.



Sleeper: Forg1ven (GMB) ($1293) vs. UoL: Forg1ven is finally showing why he was considered one of the best ADC's coming into this split, even winning a game on Lucian yesterday. He's a nice upside play for a cheap price among ADCs today.



Bust: CandyPanda (SK) ($1254) vs. OG: He's been playing better but I think this match up will be preventative of scoring points for SK. Stay away.






Must Play: KaSing (H2k) ($997) vs. CW: Great match up again, KaSing has been solid all split, and he's under $1000? Sign me up.



Sleeper: Mithy (OG) ($1033) vs. SK: He's relatively cheap and although OG had a tough game yesterday, expect them to bounce back vs. SK.



Bust: Hylissang (UoL) ($1132) vs. GMB: I have UoL in a few bust spots mainly because they're more expensive than GMB. If GMB were more expensive they'd be showing up in this spot instead. I think this game could go either way but Hylissang is the second most expensive support and I'd rather use any of the two listed above or Mithy first.



Here's my lineup for Week Eight Day Two in the EULCS:



Top: sOAZ (OG) ($1208)

Jungle: Amazing (OG) ($1115)
Mid: Ryu (H2k) ($1512)
ADC: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1448)
Sup: Kasing (H2k) ($997)
Flex One: Huni (FNC) ($1486)
Flex Two: Cabochard (GMB) ($1176)
Flex Three: Mithy (OG) ($1033)

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