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Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Eight/Day One



Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Eight/Day One


There are a few good matches on Day One including FNATIC vs ROCCAT and EL vs. CW. Elements are priced pretty well to be able to spend up elsewhere. I have a sneaky feeling about GIANTS beating H2k this week for some reason. But I'll try not to go overboard on GIANTS players. UoL should beat SK and ORG should beat GMB but both games could be close. Let's take a look at the players.




Must Play: Huni (FNC) ($1545) vs. ROCCAT: FNATIC have a great match up in a game you'd expect them to continue the win streak. Huni is pricey but is one of the three cheapest FNC players. I think you're going to want to try and get some exposure to FNC, but Rekkles and Febiven are hard to fit into a lineup.


Sleeper: Jwaow (EL) ($1062) vs. CW: CW are still a mess and EL should take this game. Jwaow provides a nice cheap option to save some money while hopefully outperforming his value on day one.


Bust: Odoamne (H2k) ($1385) vs. GIANTS: I think H2k are a pretty strong team and will bounce back from their recent slump. However, I have a feeling that GIANTS are going to win this game this week making H2k's players not worth their high prices. Odoamne has been fine all split, but for his price I'm looking elsewhere today.




Must Play: Reignover (FNC) ($1429) vs. ROCCAT: Reignover has the most assists and second most kills in the EU LCS this split. I think FNC will beat ROCCAT and this provides Reignover a nice opportunity to have a strong game.


Sleeper: Dexter (EL) ($1261) vs. CW: He's been performing quite well lately even in games EL lose and this is a game they should win on day one. He's been leading the aggresion for EL and he sits in a great spot to have a strong game.


Bust: Dan/Gilius (UoL) ($1127) vs. SK: I'm going to be using the wait and see approach to the new UoL Jungler this week. Replacing Kikis is so small task and I'd rather see how the new jungler does than start him straight out of the gate.




Must Play: Froggen (EL) ($1319) vs. CW: Again the match up is great and Froggen has proved he's a top mid laner even when EL lose. Soren also provides little to no kill threat in lane. Look for Froggen to have a huge game.


Sleeper: Pepiinero (GIANTS) ($1269) vs. H2k: GIANTS are inconsistent and H2k had been really strong until lately, but I have a feeling GIANTS are going to win this game. Pepii has proved he is the carry for GIANTS and has put up large point totals in wins and losses. I like him this week for his depressed price.


Bust: Ryu (H2k) ($1600) vs. GIANTS: For the reverse reasons I listed above I'm staying away from Ryu. He's been very good all split but the match up could be a tough one.




Must Play: Rekkles (FNC) ($1647) vs. ROCCAT: Like the rest of FNC Rekkles has been great all split. He leads the LCS in kills and assists from the ADC position and against ROCCAT he should have a nice game.


Sleeper: Adryh (GIANTS) ($1178) vs. H2k: I'm not going to use him, but I can see the upside. They have a tough match up against a strong H2k bot lane, but if you think GIANTS are going to win like I do it may be worth using him. He seems to get his fair share of kills and assists but is also prone to error and dying a bit. Risky, but not without upside.


Bust: None: All the ADCs are pretty reasonably priced honestly. Hjarnan comes with his fair amount of risk this week in my opinion, but other than that there are no ADCs who's price reflects a terrible buy. That said, stay away from Freeze.




Must Play: YellowStaR (FNC) ($1332) vs. ROCCAT: By far the best support in the game. He's been so great this split. Think about this, in 14 games he has 14 deaths, or one per game, while racking up 190 assists. That is an amazing KDA and in a great match up he's a must play if you can fit him in.


Sleeper: Nyph (EL) ($1014) vs. CW: Great match up and Nyph is priced reasonably. I think he's a solid bet to put up a decent total if you don't want to pay up for Yellowstar.


Bust: Mithy (OG) ($1360) vs. GMB: I think Mithy can have a fine game, but he falls here because he's more expensive than Yellowstar and I expect Yellowstar to have the better game. If you're paying up avoid Mithy.


Here's my lineup for Week Eight Day One in the EULCS:


I'm going to use two cheap Giants players in order to fit the rest of the players I want into my lineup. It's risky, as if GIANTS lose I'm probably screwed, but if they win this could be a great lineup with tons of upside.


Top: Huni (FNC) ($1545)

Jungle: Fr3deric (GIANTS) ($937)
Mid: Froggen (EL) ($1319)
ADC: Rekkles (FNC) ($1647)
Sup: YellowStaR (FNC) ($1332)
Flex One: Jwaow (EL) ($1062)
Flex Two: PePiiNeRo (GIANTS) ($1269)
Flex Three: G0DFRED (GIANTS) ($862)


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