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NA LCS W6D1 - Vulcun Fantasy Picks

vVv Kraft


With just over 10 hours till the NA LCS Week 6 Day 1 begins, here my roster for this day.


3x TDK / 3x TiP/ 1x TL/ 1x DIG


Safe Picks IMO:
Shiphtur - is consitent and he's going against T8 so he should ultimately do well in this matchup.
Quas - dominated C9 they last played.
TiP Picks - is going against Enemy Esports, Last time they crushed them.


The risky picks of the week:
TDK Picks - I'm going for a 3 person TDK. Seraph is great, he's one of the best top's in the game and has fought hard to get back to the LCS. They had a very rough start but now that Emperor is back as their ADC, Smoothie should have a good game. The whole team will build momentum off his return and their dominant game last week.


This is a bit of high risk Roster but if TDK hits off, this should be a top contender.
(TDK) TOP: Seraph (Kina) - $899
(TiP) JUNGLER: Rush - $1363
(TiP) MID: XiaoWeiXiao - $1577
(TDK) ADC: Emperor - $946
(TDK) SUPPORT: Smoothie - $831
(TiP) FLEX: Apollo - $1516 (Shotcaller)
(DIG) FLEX: Shiphtur - $1431
(TL) FLEX: Quas - $1395


I'm really looking forward to hearing what you guys are doing for Week 6 Day 1 NA LCS.



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Don't split into 4 teams. You will be way more efficient if you just pick 3 match ups that win (whoever is vs C9, TL and usually the best of the 3 remaining match ups) and build off of that. Winning teams will ALWAYS out score good stat players on a losing team. Also, TiP for Day 1 vs Dig? You think that's a shoe in? Especially putting Apollo as shot caller in such a risking match up. I avoid Dig games to play because they are SO random.

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