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Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Six/Day One



Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Six/Day One


Yesterday I found myself on the wrong side of the Gambit/ROCCAT game and it cost me. Can't get them all right I guess. Happy Fourth everyone, here are my picks for Week 6 Day 1 of the NALCS.




Must Play: Impact (TiP) ($1434) vs. NME: TiP have been putting up some big fantasy totals lately and their bloody style of play has paid off in terms of production. Impact has the best matchup of day one against NME and Flarez who has died the most this split.


Sleeper: Hauntzer (GV) ($1247) vs. CLG: There isn't much in terms of value on day one in the top lane. Hauntzer is a little bit cheaper and has been solid for Gravity all split even in games they lose. GV will give CLG a good game and I expect Hauntzer to have a solid point total.


Bust: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1336) vs. GV: He's expensive and if you believe in the CLG second half collapse jinx then you're better off staying away. The match up is no sure thing either




Must Play: Rush (TiP) ($1363) vs. NME: He's been spearheading the TiP attack the last couple weeks playing aggresive junglers and looking great in the process. The match up against NME makes me think he's in line for another big game.


Sleeper: IWillDominate (TL) ($1229) vs. C9: He's a little cheaper and C9 have looked awful all split. Factor in that Hai will be jungling this week and I think Dom may have his way in the jungle.


Bust: Xmithie (CLG) ($1287) vs. GV: He was awful last week and he's pretty expensive this week. The match up vs. Gravity is no sure thing either and for his price I'd look elsewhere.




Must Play: Bjergsen (TSM) ($1891) vs. TDK: He's so expensive and there is hardly any value on day one that it's probably impossible to fit him in. But he has the best match up of the day against TDK.


Sleeper: Fenix (TL) ($1578) vs. C9: He's $300 cheaper and the match up is almost as favorable. C9 have been poor and Fenix has been looking pretty good the last couple weeks. For the savings he might be the way to go.


Bust: XiaoWeiXiao (TiP) ($1577) vs. NME: Good match up vs. NME and he probably has a solid game, but for the price there isn't as much upside. Innox has been solid all split and that may limit the output potential for XWX. Just pay one more dollar for Fenix.




Must Play: Apollo (TiP) ($1516) vs. NME: I don't need to keep harping on the match up but Apollo has been really good all split and is primed for a big day.


Sleeper: Emperor (TDK) ($946) vs. TSM: This one is really risky. But if you believe the TDK miracle season has started then he is worth a look. He looked really good against DIG last week and with TSM playing Keith the synergy may not completely be there.


Bust: Keith (TSM) ($1568) vs. TDK: Like I mentioned above the synergy may not be there for Keith today and he's the second highest ADC. I'm looking elsewhere




Must Play: Adrian (TiP) ($1154) vs. NME: Best match up of the day but pretty expensive. You probably can't pay up for a support today.


Sleeper: Smoothie (TDK) ($831) vs. TSM: To go along with the upside of Emperor and also it might make sense to just punt on your support and take the cheapest one possible as there isn't much value in any role on the day.


Bust: Aphromoo (CLG) ($1136) vs. GV: Match up is no sure thing and he's expensive.


NA LCS Week Six Day One Lineup:


I'm actually not sure if I'm going to even play today with it being the fourth and all I won't be around. But this is what my lineup would look like if I did.


Top: Impact (TIP) ($1434)

Jungle: Rush (TIP) ($1363)
Mid: Fenix (TL) ($1578)
ADC: Apollo (TIP) ($1516)
SUP: Smoothie (TDK) ($831)
Flex One: IWillDominate (TL) ($1229)
Flex Two: GoldenGlue (T8) ($1052)
Flex Three: Emperor (TDK) ($946)

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Let's chat tonight and work on some day 2 picks.
My team did really well but yours did better! 
Nicks picks on day 1.

Hope we can find some time for day 2 picks!

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