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Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Six/Day Two



Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Six/Day Two



Yesterday was a great day for me. I was able to take third in two separate tournaments with a lineup I loved. Today's lineup looks pretty strong once again, although with less potential than yesterdays. Good luck to everyone playing today!






Must Play: Huni (FNC) ($1634) vs. CW: It's going to be a common theme on day two that FNATIC have the best match ups against a CW team that is a bit of a mess at the moment. Huni is the best play in the top lane but is also the most expensive.



Sleeper: Cabochard (GMB) ($976) vs. ROCCAT: I like Cabochard again today as a cheaper option with good upside. Steve has the most deaths in the LCS among top laners and Cabochard has been pretty solid all split. If you're looking to save in the top lane go with Cabo.



Bust: Jwaow (EL) ($1021) vs. OG: He's the fourth most expensive top laner but goes against Origen in a game I expect Elements to lose. Usually when a team loses it's hard for the players to score valuable points. sOAZ is also the hardest top laner to kill and I just don't see the upside to Jwaow for the price.






Must Play: Reginover (FNC) ($1511) vs. CW: Like Huni, Reignover is expensive, but provides the most point potential. It's going to be hard to fit a lot of FNC players into your lineup today so you are going to have to pick and choose where you pay up.



Sleeper: Fr3deric (GIANTS) ($1013) vs. SK: It's been an up and down split so far for Fr3deric and GIANTS but they're currently in fourth place and should have a solid game against SK. There is no guarantee that GIANTS beat an improving SK team but I think Fr3deric is in a good spot to put up solid points for a good price. SK have died a lot this split and Fr3deric has shown he can be aggresive in helping snowball lanes.



Bust: Dexter (EL) ($1008) vs. OG: He's not priced that highly but I don't see much upside in a tough match up. Origen are tough to kill and usually play very smart making it hard for them to be ganked. I'd look elsewhere.






Must Play: Febiven (FNC) ($1823) vs. CW: Again he's the most expensive player on the day, but I think he's worth it and will probably look to fit him in again. I've already talked about the nice match up for FNC against CW, but Soren offers almost no kill threat in lane and Febiven should have a really nice game.



Sleeper: Nukeduck (ROCCAT) ($1255) vs. GMB: GMB vs. ROCCAT could be a bit of a bloodbath and I find myself leaning in favor of ROCCAT, and for that reason I like Nukeduck against Betsy. Nukeduck has been pretty solid all split, currently third in assists for mid laners, and Betsy is second in deaths. For a nice cheaper upside play you could do worse than Nukeduck.



Bust: xPeke (OG) ($1708) vs. EL: I think xPeke has a solid game and in your Fantasy LCS format you definitely start him. But he's the second most expensive mid laner and for his price I think there's more upside elsewhere. Maybe I'm showing Froggen too much respect but he's proved he can have good games even when Elements lose and it may limit Peke's point output.






Must Play: Rekkles (FNC) ($1754) vs. CW: Rekkles was great yesterday and looks like he'll have another big game against a weakened CW side. Niels is also in a good spot to put up some points today, but comes with a bit more risk.



Sleeper: MrRallez (ROCCAT) ($1201) vs. GMB: He's a nice play at a cheaper price. The Gambit bot lane has been poor all split, compare the fact that Forg1ven has only one more kill in six more games than MrRallez, and that GosuPepper leads in deaths in the support role and I think MrRallez is in a good spot for a nice game.



Bust: Forg1ven (GMB) ($1132) vs. ROCCAT: I'm not going to pay up for him while he's over $1000 on Vulcun. Like I said above he's been poor all split and I just don't see the upside.






Must Play: Mithy (OG) ($1245) vs. EL: I like Mithy even more than Yellowstar today for the upside. Both will have good games. That said, I can't pay up for a support today as there isn't much value to be had in a lot of the other roles. I'm going to use the support position as a savings spot today. Mithy was poor yesterday, but I'm thinking he and OG bounce back nicely today.



Sleeper: nRated (SK) ($767) vs. GIANTS: The main reason I like nRated is because he's so cheap. I think this is a game that could go either way, but with the improved play of SK, nRated is a nice buy at this price. If you go this route you don't need him to put up huge point totals but just have a decent game and allow the savings you get from using him to pay up for some of the big names to carry your team.



Bust: Everyone but the top three: This is a day where you need to either save and go with the cheap option with the most upside in nRated or pay up for Mithy, YellowstaR, or Kasing. I just can't pay up for one of them today. No real support has a great match up this week outside of the top three.



Here's my lineup for Week Six Day Two in the EULCS:



Top: Cabochard (GMB) ($976)

Jungle: Fr3deric (GIANTS) ($1013)
Mid: Febiven (FNC) ($1823)
ADC: Rekkles (FNC) ($1754) Shotcaller
Sup: nRated (SK) ($767)
Flex One: Nukeduck ($1255)
Flex Two: MrRallez ($1201)
Flex Three: Jankos ($1156)


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Hey Ballack,

Awesome lineup this week, I love your reasoning behind it and if Rekkles can go off today, that Shotcaller bonus could be huge!
I entered one with this lineup, can't wait for the match to start!

Looking forward to your NA LCS Week6 Day1 Picks!


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