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Practice #2 9Line eSports Bravo



Practice #2 on the Ranked 5s team 9Line eSports Bravo, June 2nd 2015.


Practice Start: Gold V 30 lp


Game 1: Practice makes you bad


Result: Defeat






Coming into this night I was optimistic. We were coming off a great first night of practice and I was excited to get into night two to see if our success would continue. Our first game was a rough one but it was rather close until one pivotal fight around the 20 minute mark. Starting with champion select we put together a team that could deal with the kite and peel they were looking to put together. They first picked Ekko after our Hecriam which lead us to believe they were either looking to burst or kite so we decided to counter that with an Annie pick. We finished out the comp with a hypercarry and Thresh to provide peel and lockdown. It's not the best looking team on paper verses theirs but it has its strengths and we were going to try to play to our win conditions of locking down Vayne and Ekko and bursting them out of fights.


Getting into the game we decided that we had a stronger level 1 than them so we decided to invade through bot. We managed to pick off Ekko who was getting vision down and got an early lead on our Hecariam. Moving into laning phase we struggled to keep up with the poke that Vayne and Nautilus were dealing. We gave up two easy kills to Vayne while at the same time giving 2 kills to their jungle in a 2v2 on top. This swung the momentum in their favor. We managed to stall out the next 6 minutes grabbing 3 kills to their 1. At this point they managed to vision on dragon and we were unable to safely contest so we conceded it. They then proceeded to sweep our 3 outer turrets in a series of skirmishes that went either 1 for 1 or 2 for 1 in their favor. We managed to grab a tower back in the midst of it but they established a 3k gold lead by the 18 minute mark as the 2nd dragon was becoming a target. We managed to secure the 2nd dragon of the game while picking up 2 quick 2 for 1's. We rolled this momentum into two more towers and evened out the gold difference.


At this point I was calling for a group mid to push onto their T2 mid. We got our side waves pushing in our favor and grouped mid. I saw an opportunity and called for an engage which we got and we nuked their Ekko fairly quickly. Unfortunately they managed to keep their Vayne alive who tore us to shreds. The fight ended up 4 for 1 in their favor. They then turned and got baron, with which they secured 4 towers, 2nd dragon, and an inhibitor as well as securing more kills along the way. This swung the gold from about even to a 7k deficit. The game was lost at this point and they slow played it until they pressured down our nexus.


Game 2: vs The Hearts of Gold


Result: Victory






Moving into our second game, our mid player had to go help his significant other as she is dealing with a loss in the family. We put in a sub that has worked with us before, First Time TF. In this champion select we were looking to work around his play on Azir or Twisted Fate, two of his best champions, so I decided to make a protect the carry comp. We started by picking up Nunu to provide a slow field for our carries to kite over as well as providing the blood boil buff to either Kalista or Azir to shred their team. We then rounded off the comp with 2 hard peel champions in Janna and Gnar to keep our carries safely in the back with little to no pressure on them.


Getting into game we decided that we didn't have that strong of a level one so we set up vision instead and played safe. Getting into lane it was a rather slow game to start off with. First blood didn't come until the 6th minute when we got dragon with Nunu and then moved into bot lane for a gank. Lanes continued to go even until the 12th minute mark when we set up the second dragon. We were able to grab it quickly and then turn on the converging enemy team. We caught them in their lower jungle and set up or comp perfectly. As they tried to engage on us with Sion and Wukong we put up Azir ult to knock them away. Once they had blown Sion ult and Wukong ult the only CC they had was Malzahar ult which we were able to cancel rather quickly with the CC we had. We swept them 5 for 1 getting 3 kills on to our Azir. After this fight we used our 6k gold advantage to pressure down 2 turrets and secure another dragon. At this point the enemy team either gave up or were trying to stall hardcore and put Vayne in a solo lane. She managed to push down both our bot towers at the expense of their middle inhibitor and multiple kills. We then picked up Baron and quickly ended the game after.


Game 3: vs The Origin


Result: Vicotry






Going into champion select this game we were looking to set up a similar comp to the one we ran last game. We wanted to put our AD on a hyper carry and build a team that could snowball that advantage. We picked up Sejuani and Janna after their first pick Thresh. We then rounded out the team with Vayne as our hypercarry, Gnar as a hard CC peel champ, and Twisted Fate to help snowball Vayne early with level 6 teleport ganks. The win conditions were similar to the last game, keep their damage off of our Vayne and let her carry mid and late game teamfights.


In game we played our level one differently and set up deep vision. They managed to secure first blood on top after a misplay by our top laner caused him to take tower shots. Across the map in bot lane they had also applied immense pressure in the bot lane and, with a gank from Volibear, managed to secure 2 kills bot while giving one back to the counter gank from Sejuani. Gnar is also able to pick up a solo kill in the top lane rounding out the kills. At around the 6 minute mark a 4v4 happens in the bot lane when Volibear ganks again. We manage to send both Gnar and Twisted Fate bot with their teleports and go 2 for 0 in the fight putting both kills on to our Vayne. We then turn and secure dragon. The game settles down for a while after this. Ahri manages to push down mid early and continues to apply hard pressure on Twisted Fate forcing him to stay in lane or be punished by losing a lot of cs. At around the 14 minute mark the enemy team sets up a tower dive on bot tower allowing them to secure kills, tower, and dragon. We were forced to trade that for top T1 and damage on T2.


Over the next 10 minutes we manage to win multiple skirmishes across the map putting kills on our Vayne and allowing her to hit her late game spikes. We manage to secure 3 towers and second dragon. At around the 24 minute mark we have absent vision on the enemy team and on baron so I call for a rotate to ensure that they aren't doing a desperation Baron. While rotating they pick me off in a bush and move over to baron. Unfortunately for them, we are too far a head (6k gold at this point) and manage to get in to the pit with baron still around 2k HP. We secure the Baron and clean up 3 kills. We had 2 huge waves on bot and top to work with as well as a baron buff, however we miscommunicate and dive too early on top. This allowed for Ahri to kill our Twisted Fate and stall long enough for death timers to come up. We still manage to secure the top and bot inhibitor towers, however this misplay forces the game to go on 5 to 10 minutes longer than it should have. At this point we retreat and secure 3rd dragon. We then slow play and secure the 2 open inhibs, dive them under their mid inhibitor tower, acing them and ending the game.


Here is a video of the replay, unfortunately the data gets cut off at the 27 minute mark, however you only miss us setting up the tripple inhib play and the last team fight to end the game. I hope you are still able to see how we set up our lead from this video.





Night Results: 2-1


Practice End: Gold V 75 lp


Again I would say that this was another successful practice. It was unfortunate that our Mid had to step out half way through practice but it happens and I am thankful that First Time TF was able to step in at such short notice to allow us to finish out practice. I am looking forward to our next practice on Thursday!


Till then, thanks for reading and I will see you all next time!


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Love reading this. The only thing I would suggest to you is something about Ekko since he is sort of my FOTM right now. Whenever you see an Ekko show up as a first pick or something like that, it's 9/10 just because the mid laner wants to play it, not necessarily because they have a team comp to fit Ekko into. Just keep that in mind if you see him very early in champ select.

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