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Strategies to Improve and My Method

vVv Saturn


Hey everyone, I decided to write this blog about improving and how inefficient some strategies are, and to see how everyone else learns to improve.


We all learn differently, and different strategies are more effective than others. Personally, I learn by repetition. This strategy is probably the most long term strategy and can seem slow, but it works for me. The harder the goal I’m trying to achieve is, the harder I have to work.


I set goals for myself every week and try to slowly increase the difficulty every time I check one off the list. For instance this is my list for this week’s objectives:


· Counter Strike: At least 10 kills, only use AK-47.
· Heroes of the Storm: Diablo- Land stun on ult every time and have the highest Hero Damage dealt.


I set reachable goals that force myself to try a little bit harder every time I load into the match. It’s a cycle of wash-rinse-repeat for the week and I don’t always get it, but I try again until I do. My thought process is, if I break a big goal down into several different, smaller goals, I can track my progress and really see that I’m improving rather than, “I’m not in Plat yet” but instead “Hell yeah, topped the scoreboard again.”


Thank you for reading, and leave a comment on how you improve your game!

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To be honest I've found that I learn when put against those who are significantly better than me. The reasoning behind that is because it forces me to either adapt to a higher skill level or continue getting shit on. So therefore I always arise to the occasion.

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