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vVv FireWater's Stream Blog, Day 1



Hey all,

In lieu of creating a vVv Gaming Stream team with regards to feedback received from LordJerith as well as other vVv Gaming staffers, I will be focusing on making my stream the best possible stream I can make it. Every Wednesday from 10pm est to at least 1am est I will be streaming either Heroes of the Storm, or other games if the viewers want me to play something else. I am sticking with HotS for a few reasons. One being I feel like I am getting pretty good at the game and climbing (according to HotS logs I have a gold mmr for ranked, and platinum for norms), the second being that I feel its easier to break into the HotS scene rather than League or CS:GO, given that the game will be in open beta on 5/19/2015 and released in June.

My objective for my stream is to be sort of like a Nightwingblue or Trick2g, as they provide entertaining streams and good commentary. I feel that HotS streamers while they do that, are sometimes very technical and don't add some humor to it overall. I want to do both, entertain and educate (and dominate =D )

My goal by the end of June 2015 is to have a top 10 HotS stream. My goal for this stream is to have 10 concurrent viewers.

Here is what I need from the vVv Gaming Community.

1) I would really appreciate the community taking the time out to view my stream as well as be active in chat. If you can only stay for 10-15 minutes that is acceptable. I will take any viewers at any time. Concurrent viewers are important because I was told at a PAX East panel that most people looking for a new stream will not take a look at people that have 0 or 1 viewers, but if you have 10 or 15, the scales begin to tip in the favor of the streamer, and more likely random stream viewers will connect.

2) Anyone who views, please give a follow, it helps grow the channel significantly.

3) Comment on my channel/stream quality. Is there something you don't like about my Bio or my stream, be BRUTALLY honest. I will not get offended by constructive criticism. I need it to grow the channel. Sometimes it may not be what I want to hear, but it will be what I NEED to hear. Need is more important than want.

4) Let me know if I am entertaining or not. Let me know what I can offer of value to you as a viewer. Honest feedback is key, in my profession (as a therapist) it is necessary for me to give feedback as well as receive feedback from my clients. Sometimes giving/getting feedback is uncomfortable. Please again with point 3, honesty is the key.

Well I guess that's it for my Blog, please connect tonight around 10pm EST at http://www.twitch.tv/firewaterfx

Thank you all for reading my blog, I will be creating a weekly blog post stream to solicit feedback to improve.



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I am always there when I see you on! I love supporting our vVv streamers, and I think more people should honestly (even if they cant watch i.e. doing an essay or something) to just open the stream and lurk in there. Lurkers are the essence to getting streams going.


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