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I feel like I've always been a floater

vVv Saturn


My first game that i played seriously was Pokemon FireRed. On my original copy i have more hours logged than the actual game can log, more than 999 hours total. Truth is, i couldn't tell you how many hours of that game I've played. This is also the only game where i have never started a new game. My name was Red, the name of the actual trainer of the game instead of Ash, which EVERYBODY thought it was. When i grew a little older i got into WoW, pretty much right after the second expansion came out. It was fun for a while but i no class was really that attractive to me. The races were even harder, sometimes i would go with how badass they looked or what the endgame for a class was, but not if it was my play-style or what i really wanted to devote some of my time doing. I usually made Blood Elves because they were the most attractive. Anyways i was always floating between classes and character customization settings because i thought it was cool at the moment but about 4 hours in i hated it, only to delete the character and start over again. This same motion was always present for almost every game I've played since those days. Also in the games I've played and the names I've called myself this same theory is true. My original gamertag was "S1L3NT6utDE4DLY" (silent but deadly if you couldnt read that). i hid behind this name for a long time and really liked it, mostly because every once in a while someone would laugh at it. I've always been that kid that's xXDragonxSlayerXx and the like and i feel like i could never become this character/hero/total badass. up until recently people knew me as Jesta. The story behind this was a camp counselor was Australian and his camp nickname was Jester (they all pronounced it Jesta because of his accent). At the end of camp he told us all that it would be his last summer and that he wanted me to become the new Jesta. i laughed but immediately got onto League and changed my summoner name, corny isnt it. My first class of college starts and its astronomy. I've always liked science and definitely astronomy. the first project we had was to pick a planet and learn everything we can about it. I probably could tell you all about it or know the exact link to find out. I loved how unique it was to the other planets and how it was so much bigger than a majority of planets and that there is a significant amount of separation from it to other planets. I feel like i am just like the planet Saturn because of how much we actually have in common, even though it is a planet and i am human. I think this is the last time ill change my name because it is short, sweet, and its actually unique, just like me.


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