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[2.0] A Response to Sky's Video On Female Streamers



If you haven't seen Sky's video yet, you can do so

and his follow up video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCdor8xjsPg.

There are 4 major issues here:

  1. The intent / goal of streamers
  2. HOW that goal is reached
  3. Harassment of gamers – specifically those who are female
  4. Streamer diversity

Let’s break this down.

The inherent goal of streamers is to make money. I suppose it may compete with the desire to entertain and provide a good experience. When it comes down to it, streaming is a business. The more money a streamer elicits the more frequently a streamer is likely to stream. This may allow a streamer to make this a full-time job or career.

Streamers reach this goal by the entertainment value of their stream – whether that’s comedy, showmanship, personality, great plays and/or… boobs. For women we have this awesome marketable feature no one else has. Those are breasts. It’s great. However, it’s also not so great. This is something that is infinitely complex because there are so many sides.

Boobs are great! The issue lies in the intent behind the marketing. As we already defined, the goal is to make money. However, does the streamer manipulate the relationship between streamer and viewer to capitalize on this? It’s when streamers exploit the already female hungry male gamers to extract more money from them, that an issue is created. Furthermore, I think this is also a huge issue for girl gamers. Why? Because we try so hard to show we’re a gamer, whether or not we’re male, female, transgender, we’re gamers. We don’t want to be treated differently.

I do think Sky stuck his foot in his mouth a little when speaking on this subject. I really do think after reading his twitter after the video was posted, that he was focused on the intent behind the marketing. However, I believe if he had simply titled his video “Dear Streamers” without focusing directly on female streamers – it would have been more accurate. To say some males don’t exploit their streamers as well is a fallacy. I do think though, that girls are simply more noticeable or at least the marketing is more noticeable – more talked about - than other streamers.

I find it incredibly ironic actually, since we spend so much time complaining and flat out, avoiding, sexual attention. Do gamers realize how many women masquerade as men in games because we don’t want the sort of attention we normally receive? Some of us refuse to talk in any kind of voice client to avoid any attention that could cause – because a lot of times it’s either sexual or hate. Some of us refuse to even join any community aside from one which is girl-only. In fact, when we ask ourselves why any gender or identity-only groups exist; it’s because we don’t feel safe.

Which leads me to my next point: Harassment. Let’s be honest – gamers are assholes. We ALL are assholes. We play to win and god forbid if we think anyone has the potential to prevent us from getting that. We have no problem telling someone where to shove it or when. This means our filter is for the most part non-existent. Not exactly a good thing. We get used to saying whatever we want – when we want. The internet is anonymous after all, who will know?

Furthermore, since gaming has been predominantly men until relatively recently, there’s still a lot of nastiness there. As soon as someone reveals she is a girl, she is friended, showered with gifts (RPGs), and harassed. The harassment can take the form of sexual predations or just plain hate. Twitch chat especially is a cesspool of filth. Regardless if she shows skin or not, she will receive hateful comments.

What does this all mean? We need more streamer diversity as a gender! We cannot change a player’s sex drive – sex marketing will always work. We may be able to alter people’s online behavior, but I believe that will take a lot of time. It will be a gradual shift. What we can do, right now, is if someone wants to stream, do it. Do it however you desire. Persevere through the hate and keep doing what you love. Just keep in mind the long term effects of your actions.

Happy streaming!

"she" is meant to be ambiguous.


Recommended Comments

Is this a blog based on both his videos or just his first one? I like the blog post and your buddy wants to make some comments :D
"whether that’s comedy, showmanship, personality, great plays and/or… boobs."
One thing I hate the most is with the entirety of boobs coming into play for some female streamers to make their money. knowing that the industry of twitch streamers and gamers are dominantly male, I have a huge problem with some girls pointing and angling their stream on their boobs. I love breast don't get me wrong but I rather have the camera pointed at your face to see your expressions when you kill stuff or stuff kills you. It gives me the first impression that you are using your body in cam to pull in viewers and money from that rather then based off raw skill level.
"Some of us refuse to even join any community aside from one which is girl-only. In fact, when we ask ourselves why any gender or identity-only groups exist; it’s because we don’t feel safe"

I have seen that happen in so many communities, where a girl gamer would come in no matter what age and play games and all of a sudden the teens flock to her and somewhat stalk and make her feel uncomfortable. I always have noticed that when the girl rejects someone when hit on, she automatically gets turned into the scum and rumors fly within the community just because a guy got shut down on the internet. I find it so silly that it has come down to this and that girls don't get respect based on creepiers in the gaming world. I have 2 sisters who played MMOs and what not but they were some tough ones where if you start something with them, they will finish it for you and go back to sipping on their T.

Another thing noted is back when I played WoW, so many guys actually pretended to be girls in order to get free stuff and sort of play other players and now if actual girls get nice things from others  in a more mature way, some people go off the deep in and call them names because they think they did something exploitative for it. not all females do that.


Great read tho :D


All I know is and not to be mean to any streamer, but..... dont make a career out of streaming. You are doing great so far, but you gonna be 40+ and still streaming the same game that made you.. while there is new fish in the sea 20+ that are pro and playing the new hot topics. Its a great right now job and career and hobby for some but dont make it a permanent gig for life

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It's weird to me that sexualized streams would be a problem at all. I mean I agree with you that women exploiting men for views/money sucks, but what can we honestly do that won't make the problem worse? When I was listening to Sky's stream conversation with Kelly Jean I feel like he was totally missing her point. It's not that she was hopeless to solve the problem of female streamers sexualizing their content, but that by creating a witch hunt to identify and publicly shame female streamers we'd only create a new and worse problem.

All in all, I agree that streaming is a business, and that you should use whatever assets are available to you in order to make that business a success. When I look at what Sky is trying to do I cringe a little and wonder what's an appropriate level of dress/appearance for women that would satisfy him. Then I think of how horny teenage boys get and let's be honest anything short of full body covering with face scarves isn't going to be enough to stop the problem of people being sexually manipulated by female streamers. If it's not the chick with big titties and cleavage, it will be the one with the pretty eyes who constantly makes eye contact with the webcam. There's no way around this and it's not just pointless, but also sets a really harmful standard if we start demonizing women for the way they dress or act on stream.

Anyway that's just my 2 cents. I really enjoy streamers who show facecam, and it would be a shame if people stopped having cams because people can't come to terms with their sexuality in a healthy, responsible way.

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My 2 Cents:

It really comes down to if the girls belong on twitch or not. Twitch is a game streaming website if you want to watch girls there are many other sites for it. The point in which Sky was fighting against is this:




Now at what point is this game content? Now i understand that Sky created a witch hunt but it was unintended. 

But here you have girls who want to not be sexualized but dress the exact opposite makes it very confusing and actually hurts female growth in the streaming industry.

KCtron said "you cant point these girls out and make it out to be like they represent their gender."(this quote is a bit wishy washy but :P

But she is wrong, these females are the representatives of the female gamers at the moment. Girls didn't even "exist" on the internet and were only found in the kitchen a few years ago but here we are and we are taking the steps to being like "one of the guys." 
 So they're basically the first women of their kind, the path setters for the next generation, so when some one says they aren't reping the girls it pisses me off how hypocritical the society is. I don't see women in politics or in any other industry, besides porn or movies, acting this way so why are we? Why are women being represented this way? why are women okay with it? 
""Because I can do what i want with my body and i feel like showing off my tits... for money of course."" 

 "Women feel they have nothing to offer besides sex." Partly true and for any one who says it isnt they're lying to themselves.

"there is a time and a place for everything"- professor oak.

Twitch is a game streaming website. Not a show how big your boobs are or how cute your butt looks in your new panties. I know plenty of other sites where you can do the same thing so why not just 


It will be more simpler and cause less problems. 

And if any one says "we that's unfair to the girls""your segregating them" you can always tell them to pull their shirts up, sit their asses down, fix their overlays and they wont be treated this way. 


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