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I want to become a Twitch.TV Partner, and I need your help.



blog-0725644001426347493.jpegHey all,

This is my first time creating a blog in a fair amount of time, in fact I am not even sure when was the last time I did create a blog.

The long and short of it, is that I would like to become a Twitch TV partner, as I feel streaming for me is the way to keep gaming fresh and perhaps, potentially profitable, and is the best way that I can promote vVv to attract more like minded gamers to here.

My reasons for streaming might be slightly unorthodox, and allow me to explain my logic.

1)I am 32, married with a dog. My wife and I talking very seriously about having kids. As such both of us will have to sacrifice a lot if not all of our free time. If this is the case then I will have to sacrifice my hobby for my child which I will do gladly. Becoming a twitch streamer/partner would structure my time as a gamer (successful streamers to be successful have to have structured time) and also allow me to hold on to my passion as a gamer whilst still addressing my responsibilities as a parent.

2)I have the means to purchase the necessary resources to run a successful stream. I have an excellent desktop with a strong processor and capture card, as well as a strong internet connection with a 75Mb upload which is more than sufficient to stream.

3)When I stream and interact it takes my gaming to a whole new level. I LOVE having people watch me play, even when I was kid playing Nintendo or Sega Genesis, I always wanted someone to watch me when I was playing and I would try to put on a show.

4)This is the most effective way I can promote vVv gaming. I would love to continue to promote vVv as this community has given me a gaming Renaissance if you will and I feel it is my duty to repay the organization by promoting it.

5)I think my personality, my background both professional (as a therapist) and personal (I love to goof around and play to win) can be an attractive personality. I think my ability to analyze and break things down as well as communicate those findings could be valuable to other gamers and I believe it will be.

Here is what I have so far

I have OBS Setup with a 720p webcam, and a more than strong enough computer to stream successfully. I also have sufficient bandwidth

I am going to be working on a schedule to stream regularly.

I have a Twitch TV account, with a bio up but I feel I could use some feedback on it.

What I need:

I need followers. If everyone in vVv Gaming could become a follower of my channel that would be awesome.

I need viewers. If anyone feels that they can open a browser tab and just let my stream run that would be completely awesome

I need promotion. Now I am going to work on this with Reddit as well as Twitter but when vVv gaming sends out a tweet if others could re-tweet it that would a HUGE help to me.

I need people chatting in chat. BS with me and/or each other, keep it lively keep it interesting. I can be a pretty chatty person so please feel free to virtually AMA.

I need graphics for both youtube and Twtich, preferrably in an Overwatch theme. I am willing to pay for them as well. If no one in vVv is available I have a service that can do it for a what I Feel is a fair fee.

Also I am willing to help other streamers do the same. I think if we could have a dedicated core streamers promoting each other I think would not only help each other as streamers, but attract more gamers to the vVv community, which in turn to can continue to promote the streams (amongst other community actitivies) which can help us get bigger and thus attract more people to vVv gaming, and then etc......

So with all that said, are you willing to help me reach my goals as a vVv Gamer?

I hope you say yes.


@vVv_FireWater on Twitter


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I followed to show my support. I know the struggles of being a streamer and never getting passed the 1 viewer hump lol. I'll stay idle in your stream whenever possible, friend.

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