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So i guess this is how i tell my tale

vVv Saturn


I've always loved playing video games and writing, i guess. In school i could type out a 4 page essay in an hour, then come home and turn on my computer. I have noticed after a few years of playing highly competitive games is, that I'm not very good at them... I can learn all of the information one can learn about the game but in practice i usually end up choking.

I was immediately drawn to League of Legends because of my friends and I love the fact that you never actually beat the game, you just improve... After leveling to 30 i tried my hand at ranked, as a top lane main it didn't go well. I was placed in Bronze 5 and decided to stop playing, why commit myself to something im not good at. But a few days later i found myself trying to get out. Season 4 hit and i swore to myself that i would hit Silver and i did. i feel like i am improving but not enjoying the game as much as i once did.

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