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Pathfinder Online, The Cold Start, Read All About It.



While the times of Pathfinder Alpha seem to be going in the right direction the Goblinworks Inc company made by far the smartest decision ever.

The Cold Start,

Goblinworks went through the painstaking task to simulate the effects of Early Access. I was surprised that they moved for this since I have never heard of a company doing this before. It was by far the most enjoyable thing that they had done since during this time you could get a ton of exp and then level some skills. This not only let you try out the skill leveling system but it also let you try out the said leveled crafting skills.

Next thing that happened was the 'Read All About It!'

In this 'patch' they sent out a list of things that they wanted everyone to try and do during the Alpha. In this update they also doubled the amount of players that will be in the Alpha!

If you are like me and have been playing the Alpha. You will find out that yes, there is a sad lack of players that are in the starting zones or even doing things in the area. Most of them have already moved out and are doing things out in the wild. But when they double the amount of players this should make it easier for the new people to get integrated since they can ask questions and get answers from the others who have been playing.

The community has been very welcoming and helpful to anyone who has asked questions or even needed help with stuff. This is a great thing to see even this early in the game. If this keeps on going we will be sure to have one of the best communities ever.

Good job Goblinworks, 10/10 so far. Keep it up!


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